If you’re in the market for a long-lasting vehicle that can stand up to the abuse of 200,000 miles of ownership, then you need to check out this list. iSeeCars has updated its list of the models that are most likely to come up for sale with 200,000 miles on the odometer. 

To determine the ranking, iSeeCars looked at over 11.8 million vehicles sold in 2020 and analyzed how often they had such high mileage. While this isn't an absolute guarantee of reliability, if owners are keeping a model for 200,000 miles, and it's still changing hands, then this is a strong indication of overall toughness.

Like last year, Toyota dominates this year's list. Unlike the previous ranking, a traditional car now ranks in the top ten, instead of crossovers and SUVs being the only vehicles in the lineup. The Honda Ridgeline and standard-sized GMC Yukon fall out of the top ten this year.

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