Update: The livestream has ended. Check out Honda's two new concepts and EV logo in our debut posts.

CES is happening this week in Las Vegas, and Honda is there with a new series of all-electric vehicles. A teaser image shared on Honda's social channels leaves us with more questions than answers, but those questions should be answered soon. An official debut takes place today starting at 10:30 PM Pacific time / 1:30 PM Eastern, and you can see it happen right here.

All indications point to this being a very big deal for Honda. With the Japanese brand stepping away from its Ultium partnership at General Motors, we will presumably get a look at what's  cooking for its electric future. Honda posted a photo back in early December showing a steeply angled nose, strongly suggesting a wedge design is forthcoming. It's unclear at this time if we're looking at a radical concept or something poised for production. Judging by the bizarre wheel in the shadowed photo, we're guessing something in between.

Honda could be borrowing a page from Hyundai's playbook on this one. We suspect executives at the company are well aware of the near-universal praise for the N Vision 74 Concept and its retro-wedge body. Honda's take doesn't come to quite as sharp a point in the front, and we have no idea what's happening behind the front wheels. Also, it's worth mentioning that Honda specifically says an "electric vehicle series" will debut at the show. That raises the possibility of more than one vehicle, or possibly variations on a theme.

Whatever the case, Honda has a bit of catching up to do in the battery-electric realm. The Prologue debuted last September as its first mainstream EV, sharing its Ultium architecture with the Chevrolet Blazer EV. And as our colleagues at InsideEVs recently found out firsthand, things aren't going too well for that platform. That places more pressure on Honda to forge its own path, and we should get a glimpse of that path today.

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