The 2024 BMW X2 made its debut just two days ago and judging by your comments, the early impressions are mixed. The crossover now offers all-wheel drive as standard in the United States and is also more technologically advanced than its predecessor. On the design front, the work done by the Munich-based automaker appears to be gathering polarizing feedback so far. But there’s something no one can deny – the new X2 looks like a smaller X4 more than ever. It turns out, there’s a pretty good explanation for that.

The 2024 X2 is 7.6 inches longer than the older model with a wheelbase stretched by nearly an inch. The result is more legroom for the rear seats, as well as about 52 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats folded. In a five-seat configuration, the crossover has 25.3 cubic feet of space. BMW Blog claims that the automaker has made the model significantly larger because it has no intentions to replace the current X4 with a next-generation combustion-powered model. Or, put simply, the new X2 will eventually act as a replacement for both the old X2 and the current X4.

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This probably easily explains the styling of the 2024 X2, too. The crossover received a more sloped roofline at the back making it look a lot like its bigger siblings X4 and X6. The larger dimensions and roomier cabin, in turn, should make the model more appealing to customers who are looking to replace their X4 with something newer. Last but not least, the more expressive design language and larger alloy wheels will fill the gap that will be left when the X4 gets discontinued.

Speaking of BMW’s middle child in the coupe-SUV segment, the current X4 is expected to be the last with a combustion engine under the hood. According to a report from last year, an all-electric successor will enter production in Hungary in November 2026. Known internally within BMW with the NA7 codename, the electric vehicle will reportedly ride on the Neue Klasse platform and feature next-generation batteries with a faster charging speed of 30 percent compared to the existing batteries used in BMW EVs.

If you find the new X2 attractive and practical enough to become your next car, you should know that it is considerably more expensive than the outgoing crossover. The most affordable 2024 X2 has an MSRP of $42,995 with destination fees included. This makes it almost $5,500 more expensive than the outgoing crossover, but bear in mind every new X2 comes with AWD as opposed to the outgoing model’s front-wheel-drive entry-level version.

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