It's 2022 but BMW's lineup continues to grow with no signs of slowing down. Recent entries include the electric iX1 and China's long-wheelbase X5, with the XM to crown the X portfolio soon. According to a new report from a well-known company insider, there is one model that could be living on borrowed time. The X4, essentially an X3 beaten with the coupe stick, might not live to see a next generation, at least not with combustion engines.

BMWBLOG cites Bimmer Post user ynguldyn – who is known for getting things right about Munich's future lineup changes – saying the German brand projects there wouldn't be enough demand to warrant an ICE-powered model. Pompously labeled as a Sports Activity Coupe (SAC), the X4 already had a codename for its third generation, G46, but it ultimately might not happen.

2022 BMW X4

While the CLAR-based X4 will be discontinued in the years to come, the same source reports a purely electric iX4 is in the offing. It reportedly is known within BMW as the NA7 and will enter production at the automaker's new Debrecen plant in Hungary from November 2026. It'll sit on the Neue Klasse platform with Gen6 round batteries improving the range and charging speed by 30 percent compared to existing prismatic cells.

These batteries sound hugely promising as BMW estimates weight will drop by as much as 20 percent while production costs could be halved. In addition, CO2 emissions related to the manufacturing process are projected to fall by a whopping 60 percent. Next-gen battery packs are expected to maintain 80 percent of their performance even after a decade of use.

As usual with rumors from company insiders, take the unconfirmed details with the proverbial pinch of salt. We'll be surprised if the gasoline- and diesel-fueled X4 is going to be retired seeing as how people shopping in the luxury segment seem to have an insatiable thirst for all things crossovers.

The G02 X4 has been around since 2018 and is likely to remain in the lineup for at least a couple of years. There could be a gap between the ICE's demise and the EV's launch, which won't be the case with the conventionally styled X3 as it will get a next-gen model with combustion engines and an electric powertrain.

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