Alpine's Atelier customization program expands today with three new liveries available for the A110. The designs were inspired by the company's "legendary DNA" and are French Signature, Racing Heritage, and US Racing 2023.

The French Signature livery is quite subtle, featuring a narrow tricolor line from the hood to the roof in the French flag's blue, white, and red colors, reflecting the car's origins. The stripe features triangular accent "snowflakes" used by the Alpine Formula 1 and endurance teams. It also shares roof space with Alpine's A arrow logo.

Gallery: New Alpine A110 Liveries For Atelier Program

The Racing Heritage Livery is bolder with wide, double white stripes over the hood, roof, and rear deck. On the hood is the number 55, representing the brand's founding year.

The final option celebrates Alpine's inaugural Pikes Peak run this year by recreating the race car's livery. It's nearly an exact match, with the production livery lacking the sponsors and aero bits of the race car. However, everything else is there, including the bold A arrow cutout on the doors and the checkered blue roof, fenders, and front fascia. It has a black hood with 110 branding, which is also present on the doors, along with the Alpine word mark in several locations.

The French Signature and Racing Heritage liveries cost 1,500 euros, including VAT ($1,651 at today's exchange rates). The US Racing 2023 livery is 8,000 euros ($8,805) and is only available with the Glacier White or Iridescent White exterior color options.

Alpine updated the A110 S for the 2022 model year. It received a power upgrade, making 300 horsepower and 251 pound-feet of torque. In October 2022, it introduced the hardcore A110 R that extensively used carbon fiber. The upgrades dropped the car's weight to 2,385 pounds, lowering its 0-62-mile-per-hour time from 4.2 to 3.9 seconds.

The new liveries expand Atelier Alpine, the program launched in 2021 for customers to customize their cars. The program offers 15 heritage colors that draw inspiration from the company's history. It also provides a range of brake caliper colors and wheel choices. Alpine will begin offering the new liveries in France and most other countries it sells starting July 12.

Alpine doesn't offer the A110 in the US, so including such a livery is odd. However, Alpine plans to sell its vehicles in the US one day. The brand announced late last month that it would launch a global expansion in 2027, including the United States. Alpine hopes to sell the current A110 for as long as possible before its electric replacement arrives so that US livery might make more sense soon.   

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