American car buyers continue to gobble up trucks of all sizes. The Ford F-Series is well on its way to retaining its sales crown, but not every make and model can enjoy such success. With the year's second quarter quickly falling away, we round up the sales numbers so far to see how well trucks are selling this year across every segment – from compact to full-size.

Full-Size Trucks Sales Numbers

Model Q2 Sales % Change YTD Sales % Change
Ford F-Series 212,516 +34.0 382,893 +27.9
Chevrolet Silverado 141,299 -1.2 268,291 +1.6
Ram 117,699 0.0 223,049 -9.0
GMC Sierra 75,810 +21.6 143,008 +20.2
Toyota Tundra 32,084 N/A 59,735 +34.8
Nissan Titan 6,512 N/A 10,500 -5.9

The Ford F-Series increases its lead over the Chevrolet Silverado in pursuit of America's best-selling truck (and vehicle) title. The Blue Oval's pickup sales were up 34 percent for the quarter and 27.9 percent for the year, with the automaker selling 4,466 electric F-150 Lightning trucks in Q2. It has sold 8,757 so far this year. Chevrolet saw sales dip 1.2 percent in Q2 to 141,299, but it's up 1.6 percent for the year.

Ram sits third, with 117,699 trucks sold, nearly the same number sold in Q2 2022. However, sales for the model are down by nine percent. The GMC Sierra saw a sizable increase in sales over the last three months, jumping 21.6 percent. Sierra sales are up 20.2 percent for the year, but the Tundra had a more significant increase over the first half – Tundra sales are up 34.8 percent so far this year. Nissan has sold just 10,500 Titan pickups over the last six months, down 5.9 percent.

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Mid-Size Trucks Sales Numbers

Model Q2 Sales % Change YTD Sales % Change
Toyota Tacoma 62,262 N/A 116,845 +7.5
Chevrolet Colorado 19,909 -11.5 33,165 -24.9
Nissan Frontier 17,213 -17.1 34,139 -20.9
Honda Ridgeline 14,512 N/A 27,430 +38.6
Jeep Gladiator 13,751 -34.0 27,326 -29.0
Ford Ranger 12,618 -22.1 24,118 -28.7
GMC Canyon 6,708 -10.6 11,724 -14.2

The Toyota Tacoma led its segment in sales, selling three times as many trucks as the next model, the Chevrolet Colorado, which racked up 19,909 sales. Colorado sales are down almost 25 percent for the year even though an all-new version launched for 2023, and the Canyon is suffering a similar fate.

Nissan Frontier sales are down nearly 21 percent, recently receiving a refresh for the 2022 model year. Honda should be pretty happy with the Ridgeline, as sales are up over 38 percent for the truck that was initially new for the 2017 model year. On the opposite side of the sales spectrum is the Jeep Gladiator, which is down 29 percent so far in 2023.

Ford Ranger sales were also down for the second quarter, falling 22.1 percent over the last three months. Sales for the pickup are down 28.7 percent for the year, but buyers are likely waiting for the all-new 2024 model that debuted in May. It will go on sale this summer, including the Ranger Raptor for the first time in the US that boasts a 405-horsepower twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 engine.

Compact Trucks Sales Numbers

Model Q2 Sales % Change YTD Sales % Change
Ford Maverick  21,021 +7.8 40,499 +9.7
Hyundai Santa Cruz 10,743 +10.0 20,050 +10.0

The Ford Maverick continues to outsell the Hyundai Santa Cruz. The Blue Oval has sold twice as many Mavericks so far this year; however, sales for both brands are up by 9.7 and 10.0 percent, respectively.

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