The first half of 2023 is behind us, and automakers are providing a peek at their sales so far. The data often includes models that ended production two or three years ago that continue to record new sales, and the second quarter of 2023 continued this trend, with discontinued models from Toyota, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and others still showing up in the sales reports.

Toyota sold two Avalon sedans in the last three months, which left the US market at the end of the 2022 model year. It was a casualty of changing consumer tastes who preferred crossovers and SUVs. Toyota launched a new generation of the sedan for 2019, but sales continued to fall until its demise a few years later.

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The Japanese-based automaker also sold one Land Cruiser. The company discontinued offering the SUV in the US after the 2021 model year, but it might not be absent for long as rumors allege Toyota will bring it back to America.

Chrysler’s small lineup used to include the 200, but it ended production after the 2017 model year. It was an early casualty to the crossover craze as Fiat Chrysler Automobile (now part of Stellantis) continued to produce the Jeep Cherokee that shared a platform and parts with the 200.

Dodge’s lineup has also dwindled over the last few years, with the Charger and Challenger readying their departures later this year. However, dealers sold two discontinued models – the Caravan and Journey. Dodge sold one van and four crossovers in Q2 2023, even though production ended for the two models after the 2020 model year.

Alfa Romeo sold one 4C, which died a slow death. Alfa ended all production in 2019. Fiat found a new home for exactly one 500 hatchback, which hasn’t been on sale in the US since 2019. However, the model will return next year as the electric 500e.

Just because an automaker has ceased production doesn’t mean the car is no longer on sale. Dealer allocations often remain after the assembly line shutters, and buyers aren’t eager to purchase discontinued models, leaving zombie cars like the Dodge Caravan, Toyota Avalon, and others to shuffle around lots long after production.

2023 will see several more models cease production. Cars like the Audi TT, Ford Edge, and Kia Stinger could continue to show up on sales reports for the next few years, even if their run ends before the 2024 model year.

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