Porsche already announced starting prices for the 2024 Cayenne, but the online configurator for all trim levels is now live. That means it's time to find out just how expensive the latest Cayenne can get. And as the headline clearly states, it gets very pricey with all the option boxes checked.

It doesn't help that the new Cayenne Turbo GT starts at $197,950. It's the flagship of the Cayenne line, packing 650 horsepower from its twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine. With a 60-mph sprint taking just 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 189 mph, it's one of the fastest SUVs in the world. If that's not enough, there's nearly a 718 Cayman's worth of options that won't make you go faster, but will provide all kinds of bling and personal touches to make the rare Coupe Turbo GT even rarer. Let's see what's available.

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As always, we start with the exterior and Porsche's Paint to Sample palette is easily the most-expensive single option of them all. For $13,150 buyers can choose all kinds of color variations, though for reasons we don't presently understand, the configurator only offers a vehicle preview in Deep Green metallic. Should you choose, you can pair that with painted 22-inch wheels for $600, though the actual wheels – 22-inch GT Design alloys – are the same. And if you want to secure them, locking wheel lugs are a $60 add-on.

There are numerous striping options, but the $1,020 Bespoke Decal Set is the one that gives you whatever number (up to three digits) you want on the doors. Want to troll Porsche 959 owners? You can do it, and while you're at it, choose black door handles for $350, puddle lights for $330, Exclusive Design taillights for $1,140, and an Exclusive Design fuel cap (yes, fuel cap) for $160. There are other exterior add-ons, but in the interest of time and sanity, let's move to the interior.

Most Expensive 2024 Porsche Cayenne
Most Expensive 2024 Porsche Cayenne

If you know Porsche's wide array of interior options, you'll know sanity is difficult to maintain and the Turbo GT – despite starting close to $200,000 – is no exception. The Deviated Stitching Interior Package and Deviated Leather Seat Centers cost $5,070. You can add more leather for interior trim by spending $690, but that doesn't include the steering column which is another $660. Moving beyond leather, interior accents in Silvershade are a $650 option, and a Porsche-embroidered headrest is $570. Colored seat belts are $660, and you can have personalized carbon fiber door sills for a cool $3,060.

There's more to the interior – including personalized leather-trimmed floormats and a leather wallet for the owner's manual – but we'll close out our most-expensive shopping trip with tech options. Adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist cost $2,750 extra. Night vision assist is $2,310, a surround-view camera is $1,620, and the cool passenger display screen is $1,490. An upgrade to the Burmester 3D sound system is $5,810, and if we're splurging on all these features, we're damn well getting Porsche's delivery experience in Germany for $1,500.

When all is said and done, we have $60,530 in options. This is, by a very wide margin, the most expensive Porsche Cayenne you can get.

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