It wasn’t so long ago that the concept of a fast SUV was entertaining, if inconsequential. Novelties like the GMC Typhoon and Lamborghini LM002 captured attention, but they were pebbles making small waves in a very big pond. Times have certainly changed, and to hammer that point home, consider this: to make our updated list of fastest SUVs, it takes a 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds.

Yes, our collection of fastest SUVs is arranged by manufacturer-stated 60-mph sprints as opposed to top speed. In this segment, acceleration is far more relevant for buyers, though we do turn to top speed for a tie-breaker when 0-60 times match up. And to give you an idea of just how prolific fast SUVs are these days, if we stepped up to a four-second benchmark, this list would double in size.

We focus on internal combustion and electric SUVs that are either available now, or very soon in major markets. The influx of electric power is shaking up the performance landscape in all genres, and with more on the way, this list will likely be quite different next year. Until then, here’s where we stand in the world of fast SUVs as we slip into the last half of 2023.

2023 Audi RS Q8

2020 Audi RS Q8: First Drive

0-60: 3.7 seconds
Power: 591 HP / 590 LB-FT
Top Speed: 190 MPH

The flagship Audi Q8 received the RS treatment in 2021 and it's still a top-speed monster capable of reaching 190 miles per hour. In fact, its top speed is why it just makes the cut for our top 20 list. There are easily a half-dozen competitors that match the Audi to 60 mph, but none can hang as the speeds increase. Ironically, while technically the "slowest" here in terms of acceleration, it's among the fastest of the fast in a flat-out sprint.

With a starting price of $125,800, it's certainly not an inexpensive choice, but it costs considerably less than its exotic stablemate, the Lamborghini Urus. And yes, we'll see that a bit later in the countdown.

2023 BMW iX M60

2023 BMW iX M60 Exterior

0-60: 3.6 seconds
Power: 610 HP / 811 LB-FT
Top Speed: 155 MPH

Perhaps you were expecting to see the new BMW XM on this list? Its 0-60 mph time of 4.1 seconds isn't enough to make the cut, but the all-electric BMW iX M60 does. Its dual electric motors turn all four wheels, generating 610 hp and 811 lb-ft of instant torque that hits like a sledgehammer. The top speed is limited to 155 mph, but 60 mph happens in just 3.6 seconds. Compared to lower iX trim levels, BMW upgrades the undercarriage where you'll find bigger brakes, an adaptive air suspension system, and four-wheel steering.

2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio 100th Anniversario

0-60: 3.6 seconds
Power: 505 HP / 443 LB-FT
Top Speed: 176 MPH

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is available with two engines, but speed aficionados need only seek out the Quadrifoglio and its twin-turbocharged 2.9-liter V6. Making 505 hp and 443 lb-ft of twist, this engine hustles the Stelvio Quadrifoglio to a top speed of 176 miles per hour. The Quadrifoglio also adds bigger brakes and suspension upgrades to the standard Stelvio, and power reaches all four wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission. Considering the Alfa's MSRP starts at $85,675, it offers impressive performance for the price.

2024 Range Rover Sport SV

2024 Range Rover Sport SV

0-60: 3.6 seconds
Power: 626 HP / 590 LB-FT
Top Speed: 180 MPH

After years with a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 under the hood, the latest hopped-up Range Rover borrows BMW's twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine with mild-hybrid tech. It brings 626 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque to the suave SUV, a considerable bump from the outgoing model. It's enough for the iconic British brand to finally earn a place among the fastest SUVs in the world.

2023 GMC Hummer EV SUV

2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV

0-60: 3.5 seconds
Power: 830 HP / 1,200 LB-FT
Top Speed: 106 MPH

You’re familiar with the bonkers GMC Hummer EV truck, and you can expect more of the same with the SUV version. Actually, you can expect a little less, as the Hummer EV SUV is slightly shorter. As such, GMC believes it will be more popular than the pickup, but production isn’t expected to ramp up enough to meet demand until 2026. However, the range-topping Edition 1 started production in January, and it sells for $105,595.

2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT

Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Europe

0-60: 3.5 seconds
Power: 480 HP / 600 LB-FT
Top Speed: 124 MPH

There's no denying the Mustang Mach-E is fast. The flagship Mach-E GT from Ford utilizes two electric motors to generate 480 combined hp. That figure may seem a bit light compared to other SUVs here, but 600 lb-ft of instant torque with no gears to shift equals swift acceleration. The Performance Edition of the GT will get you to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. The downside is a top speed of 124 mph.

2023 Tesla Model Y Performance

Tesla Model Y

0-60: 3.5 seconds
Power: 455 HP / 487 LB-FT
Top Speed: 155 MPH

Mixing it up with Ford and Kia is the Tesla Model Y, checking in with similar performance at a similar price point. Some might consider the midsize crossover to be a Model 3 with a bit more space in the back, but the Model Y does sit a bit higher and it's available with a third row of seats. And it's no slouch in Performance trim, with the dual-motor layout capable of a 60 mph sprint in 3.5 seconds.

2023 Kia EV6 GT

2023 Kia EV6 GT Exterior Front Quarter

0-60: 3.5 seconds
Power: 576 HP / 546 LB-FT
Top Speed: 162 MPH

Gunning for the Mustang Mach-E is Kia's sporty electric crossover. The EV6 debuted in 2021, with the 576-hp GT taking the place of the canceled Stinger. Dual motors send power to all four wheels, and it rivals the Mach-E GT Performance in both price and power. That is, in acceleration anyway. Whereas the Ford tops out at 124 mph, the Kia keeps going all the way to 162 mph.

2023 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat

2023 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat Front View

0-60: 3.5 seconds
Power: 710 HP / 648 LB-FT
Top Speed: 180 MPH

Returning for one more year (to some controversy, considering this was supposed to be a one-and-done special model), the 2023 Durango SRT Hellcat uses the same formula as before – Hellcating all the things. In this case, that means a 710-hp version of the popular 6.2-liter supercharged V8, making it one of the quickest internal-combustion SUVs in the world. And this should really really be the final Durango Hellcat, as the Hellcat engine is slated to retire this year.

2024 Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid

2024 Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid Front 3/4

0-60: 3.5 seconds
Power: 729 HP / 700 LB-FT
Top Speed: 183 MPH

Replacing the 2023 Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid on this list, the refreshed 2024 Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid boasts the same sizzling performance with a bit more power under the hood. The familiar twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 is still there and still paired with an electric motor, but output is up to 729 hp. It's the most powerful Cayenne ever, and its 0-60 time as a result is 3.5 seconds. The top speed is 183 mph, and it doesn't matter if you choose the standard SUV or the fastback coupe. Performance is identical.

2023 Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus Exterior

0-60: 3.5 seconds
Power: 650 HP / 627 LB-FT
Top Speed: 190 MPH

Lamborghini may have been the first automaker to produce a super-SUV with the V12-powered LM002, but the Urus is a wholly different animal. Powered by a Lamborghini-tuned 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 – a variant of the engine used in the Audi RS Q8 – it makes 650 hp without any electric assist. With an eight-speed automatic sending power to the ground, the Urus reaches 190 mph flat-out.

Of course, there's a new Urus trim level that's a bit quicker and we'll be seeing that later on. It's also more expensive, but if you have around $200,000 to spend, the Urus could be your ticket to super SUV stardom.

2024 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV

2024 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV Exterior Front Quarter

0-60: 3.4 seconds
Power: 677 HP / 737 LB-FT
Top Speed: 149 MPH

Debuting in October 2022 along with standard EQE-Class trims, AMG uses its own pair of electric motors to inject the smooth-styled high-performance SUV with considerable power. It also receives suspension tuning and upgraded brakes as you’d expect from something wearing an AMG badge, and the changes are noteworthy considering this is a three-ton vehicle. It's also important to note that max power and performance are only available when choosing the optional performance package. Without it, power drops to 617 hp and the 60-mph sprint falls to 3.7 seconds.

2024 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S E Performance

Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S E Performance (European Model)

0-60: 3.4 seconds
Power: 671 HP / 752 LB-FT
Top Speed: 171 MPH

Line up the latest hybrid AMG GLC63 with the electric AMG EQE, and you'll have a dead-even drag race. That is, until speeds climb into triple-digit territory. As the EV runs out of steam, the GLC's overachieving turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine (and rear-mount electric motor) keep the SUV moving to a top speed of 171 mph. Though landing in the eighth spot on our list, the mighty Mercedes has the distinction of being the fastest hybrid SUV currently available.

2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante

2023 Lamborghni Urus Performante

0-60: 3.3 seconds
Power: 666 HP / 627 LB-FT
Top Speed: 190 MPH

Add a little more power, subtract some weight, and you have the typical formula for an upgraded Lamborghini. That's exactly what you get with the Urus Performante, which is just a touch quicker to 60 mph compared to the standard model which we've already seen on this list. Interestingly, it's a dead-on match for another notable Italian SUV that just debuted to no small amount of fanfare, which we will see next.

2023 Ferrari Purosangue

2023 Ferrari Purosangue exterior

0-60: 3.3 seconds
Power: 715 HP / 528 LB-FT
Top Speed: 192 MPH

Once upon a time, nobody could envision a Ferrari SUV. Even now that the Purosangue is here, it's hard to classify this V-12-powered, low-ish riding vehicle as an SUV. With a proper supercar engine and room for just four people, the emphasis here is certainly more on sport than utility. However, it's still a four-door Ferrari with an actual boot for storage, all-wheel-drive grip, and a dry weight of nearly 4,500 pounds.

In that respect, it sounds very un-Ferrari-like. Mash the accelerator, however, and you'll experience Ferrari performance all the way to 192 mph. And it's priced like Ferrari, with a starting MSRP of around $400,000.

2023 Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT

2022 Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT Exterior Front Quarter

0-60: 3.1 Seconds
Power: 631 HP / 626 LB-FT
Top Speed: 186 MPH

We've reached the fastest Cayenne, and it's close to being the fastest combustion-powered SUV in the world. Like the Cayenne Turbo, you'll find a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 under the hood but there's no hybrid assist here. The engine is modified with upgraded internals and uses a new software map to make 631 hp on its own. The eight-speed automatic transmission is also modified to execute quicker shifts. It sits lower, rides on wider tires, and without the burden of batteries or electric motors, it's quicker to 60 mph and has a higher top speed.

2023 Aston Martin DBX707

2023 Aston Martin DBX707

0-60: 3.1 seconds
Power: 697 HP / 663 LB-FT
Top Speed: 193 MPH

Electric power is certainly changing the performance world, but internal combustion isn't done just yet. Debuting in the spring of 2022 with a 697-hp twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8, the DBX707 is still the undisputed king of flat-out top speed. If you have an open track with a long straight and the courage to keep your right foot planted, this five-seater Aston will hit 193 mph. In terms of top speed, it's the fastest SUV in the world. But it must catch up to a few EVs before getting there.

2023 Rivian R1S

Rivian R1S

0-60: 3.0 seconds
Power: 835 HP / 908 LB-FT
Top Speed: 125 MPH

It should come as no surprise that the SUV version of Rivian's fast and capable all-electric R1T is also, well, fast and capable. In top-trim with four electric motors (one for each wheel), the R1S joins a very rare club of SUVs able to reach 60 mph in three seconds or less. This is even more impressive considering the R1S is a three-row people hauler that tips the scales at nearly 7,000 pounds.

The downside is top speed, which is limited to 125 mph so this isn’t something you’ll see smoking down unrestricted sections of German autobahn. But it won’t take long to reach that electronic limiter.

2024 Lotus Eletre R

Lotus Eletre

0-60: 2.95 seconds
Power: 905 HP / 726 LB-FT
Top Speed: 165 MPH

The Eletre will finally reach customers later this year in the UK, and there are plans to open it up in other markets soon thereafter. While the “base” version of this electric SUV still packs dual electric motors with 603 horsepower, the Eletre R with its dual-speed transmission garners our attention. Power is up to 905 hp combined, which is enough to almost claim our title as the world's fastest SUV for 2023.

And it may actually claim that spot – right now we only have acceleration times to 62 mph (100 kph). The sprint to 60 mph will be a touch quicker, but it will need to improve by a half-second to take top honors.

2023 Tesla Model X Plaid

Refreshed Tesla Model X

0-60: 2.5 seconds
Power: 1,020 HP
Top Speed: 163 MPH

What's faster than ludicrous speed? Fans of the classic 1980s flic Spaceballs know the answer. So does Elon Musk, hence the Plaid designation for the brand's most powerful cars. And for 2023, the Plaid's reign at the top is still unchallenged. Packing 1,020 peak hp from its tri-motor setup, Tesla officially says 60 mph arrives in just 2.5 seconds. Unofficially, there are numerous instances of the SUV going even faster.

Inside you'll find a steering yoke in place of a wheel. The gullwing rear doors still gullwing. It can tow 5,000 pounds. It's fast enough to run side-by-side with any production vehicle in the world, for a little while anyway. And while other automakers are raising prices, Tesla slashed the Model X Plaid's MSRP all the way down to $109,990, compared to $144,490 in 2022.


What Is The Quickest SUV?

The Tesla Model X Plaid is the quickest SUV, going from 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. It's also the quickest all-electric SUV. The Aston Martin DBX707 and Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT are tied for the quickest internal-combustion-powered SUVs, reaching 60 mph in 3.1 seconds.

What SUV Has The Highest Top Speed?

The Aston Martin DBX707 is the fastest in terms of top speed, capable of hitting 193 mph. The new Ferrari Purosange is very close, however, with a top speed of 192 mph.

What SUV Has The Most Horsepower?

With 1,020 horsepower from its electric tri-motor powertrain, the Tesla Model X Plaid is the most powerful production SUV you can buy.

What's The Fastest Seven-Seat SUV?

The 2023 Tesla Model X Plaid offers three-row seating and can reach 60 mph in 2.5 seconds, en route to a top speed of 163 mph.

Fastest SUVs 0-60 MPH

  • 2023 Tesla Model X Plaid - 0-60: 2.5 seconds
  • 2024 Lotus Eletre - 0-62: 2.95 seconds
  • 2023 Rivian R1S - 0-60: 3.0 seconds
  • 2023 Aston Martin DBX707 - 0-60: 3.1 seconds
  • 2023 Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT - 0-60: 3.1 seconds
  • 2023 Ferrari Purosangue - 0-60: 3.3 seconds
  • 2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante - 0-60: 3.3 seconds
  • 2024 Mercedes-AMG GLC63S E Performance - 0-60: 3.4 seconds
  • 2024 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV - 0-60: 3.4 seconds
  • 2023 Lamborghini Urus - 0-60: 3.5 seconds
  • 2024 Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid - 0-60: 3.5 seconds
  • 2023 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat - 0-60 3.5 seconds
  • 2023 Tesla Model Y - 0-60: 3.5 seconds
  • 2023 Kia EV6 GT - 0-60: 3.5 seconds
  • 2023 GMC Hummer EV SUV - 0-60: 3.5 seconds
  • 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT - 0-60: 3.5 seconds
  • 2024 Range Rover Sport SV - 0-60: 3.6
  • 2023 BMW iX M60 - 0-60: 3.6 seconds
  • 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio - 0-60: 3.6 seconds
  • 2023 Audi RS Q8 - 0-60: 3.7 seconds

Fastest SUVs Top Speed

  • 2023 Aston Martin DBX707 - top speed: 193 mph
  • 2023 Ferrari Purosangue - top speed: 192 mph
  • 2023 Bentley Bentayga - top speed: 190 mph
  • 2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante - top speed: 190 mph
  • 2023 Lamborghini Urus - top speed: 190 mph
  • 2023 Audi RS Q8 - top speed: 190 mph
  • 2023 Maserati Levante Trofeo - top speed: 187 mph
  • 2023 Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT - top speed: 186 mph
  • 2023 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid - top speed: 183 mph
  • 2024 Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid - top speed: 183 mph
  • 2024 Range Rover Sport SV - top speed: 180 mph
  • 2023 BMW Alpina XB7 - top speed: 180 mph
  • 2023 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat - top speed: 180 mph
  • 2023 Jaguar F-Pace SVR - top speed: 178 mph
  • 2023 Maserati Grecale - top speed: 177 mph
  • 2023 BMW X3 M Competition / X4 M Competition - top speed: 177 mph
  • 2024 BMW X5 M Competition / X6 M Competition - top speed: 177 mph
  • 2023 Porsche Cayenne Turbo - top speed: 177 mph
  • 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio - top speed: 176 mph
  • 2023 Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S - top speed: 174 mph
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