Picture this. You've been waiting months to take delivery of your shiny new 2023 BMW M2 G87 only to get a call from the dealer telling you the sports car will be a little late. Not because of supply shortages or other issues that have plagued the automotive industry in recent years, but due to an accident. Yes, this second-generation baby M was damaged in transit. It was heading from the warehouse to the dealer when it was rear-ended by a semi.

Painted in Brooklyn Grey and wearing the 50 years of M anniversary emblems, this new M2 was registered in Boston, Massachusetts judging by the license plate frame. It looks as though the car was ordered through Herb Chambers, which has 60 showrooms in that area. The compact rear-wheel-drive machine still had the factory-fitted protective film, and the seats were also covered.

2023 BMW M2

The story goes that the semi-truck failed to come to a halt and tried to avoid the cars in front of it but ended up smashing the M2's rear. According to BMWBLOG, the inline-six coupe was pushed into the Toyota in front of it, so we can safely assume the M2 sustained damages at the front as well. However, this short video only shows the rear with its smashed taillight and bumper while the right-side fender is heavily dented.

It goes without saying the owner will receive a brand-new car rather than being stuck with an M2 that had some of its body panels and a taillight replaced even before delivery. While it's sad to see a G87 with delivery mileage already in need of repairs, the problems it has are easy to fix and the car will likely get back on the road sooner rather than later.

Whoever buys it might get a good deal given its problematic history. The 2023 BMW M2 kicks off at $62,200 in the United States but this one seems to have the optional carbon fiber roof ($2,600) while that paint we mentioned is another $650.

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