If you count Dodge's original teaser campaign announcement, we're now up to the fourth clue regarding the final Last Call Dodge Challenger waiting to be revealed. Get your calculators out folks, because this time we have all kinds of numbers to suss out.

Actually, there's one number that seems clear. The title of this teaser video is Scream @ 215 mph, which certainly seems like a very plain way of announcing the Challenger's top speed. But the video itself presents more numbers: 105, 3.02, 2.98, and 1,582. And we can't ignore the scary leprechaun screaming into an anemometer. This teaser isn't as weird as the red-eyed leprechaun turning into a yellow-eyed beast, but it certainly calls for a thinking cap.

Dodge Last Call Teaser
Dodge Last Call Teaser Hyde

The temptation might be to chalk up that 1,582 number to horsepower, but Dodge says the "answer is blowing in the wind" in the teaser video description. That doesn't sound like a hp clue, but it could reference airflow in terms of cubic feet per minute (CFM). This is a common measurement used by automakers for airflow into an engine, and in fact, the spec sheet for the 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon lists its CFM at 1,150. If this car is making more power than the Demon, it's going to need more air. The logic is sound, though 1,582 is a hefty jump.

What about 105? That could be a reference to 105 octane fuel, a common grade used in the racing world. That might also mean this Challenger has multiple settings for more than just pump gas or E85, or it could mean the rumors about E85 are just wrong. That leaves us with 3.02 and 2.98, which are supposed to be multiplied per the readout on the anemometer. Doing so brings us to 8.9996, which sounds like a neat quarter-mile time for something rumored to have over 900 horsepower. That's especially true if this Challenger is engineered to launch hard on a prepped surface.

But do all these numbers make sense when grouped together? The anemometer actually displays an equation: 105 @ 8.9996 = 1,532 so here's a theory: Running 105 octane fuel, the as-yet unnamed Challenger can rip an 8.99-second quarter-mile time while inhaling 1,532 cubic feet of air per minute. It's not the worst theory we've heard.

But it is just a theory. Full disclosure will come March 20 in Las Vegas with the debut of the last Hemi-powered Dodge Challenger. In the meantime, keep your calculators and wizard hats nearby because one more teaser video will drop before the covers on this Last Call Challenger are lifted.

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