It's Wednesday afternoon, which means we get another clue regarding the final Last Call Dodge Challenger. All will be revealed in a few weeks, but for now, we're left wondering how the hell a 7.1-pound demonic leprechaun fits into all this.

That's the crux of the latest teaser video from Dodge. It's titled Density Matters, and in short, it shows the big scary leprechaun created in the previous Last Call teaser getting on a scale. The scrawny scary leprechaun is next to him, and when all is said and done, big scary is 7.1 pounds heavier. Could this simply mean this special edition muscle car – which is rumored to have over 900 horsepower – is only 7.1 pounds more than the Dodge Challenger Demon?

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If we take this at face value, that's a perfectly valid explanation. Adding horsepower with only minimal weight gain is an accomplishment, but using the word density in the title of the teaser has us thinking on a broader scale. By definition, density is the measure of mass in a unit of volume. In car-friendly terms, it's how much stuff you can cram into a certain space. And making big horsepower is all about cramming as much air and fuel into an engine as possible.

With that in mind, could 7.1 pounds reference boost pressure? Surely it wouldn't be the total output, as standard 6.2-liter Hellcat engines are well past that already, and Redeye models are even higher. Since the teaser shows a comparison of creepy dudes on a scale, perhaps it means 7.1 more pounds of boost over a Hellcat? That would suggest a supercharger cranking out 20 to 25 pounds of boost, which would certainly add power.

Here's another possibility, though it could be a stretch. Dodge offers the Hellephant 426 cubic-inch V8 as a crate engine, with a displacement of 7.0 liters. Punched up just a bit, that could be a 7.1-liter Hemi. Some commenters on Dodge's social media channels float this theory, but dropping in a completely different engine that already makes more than the rumored 909-plus hp (and may not meet emissions) feels like a big stretch for a limited-production model.

Dodge Last Call Teaser
Dodge Last Call Teaser Hyde

Thus far, the teasers have shown us a demon-like face with red eyes that morphs into a monster leprechaun thanks to a golden IV of fluid, and it has 7.1 more pounds of ... something. Could it be a Challenger SRT Demon Redeye tuned for E85 running 20-plus pounds of boost?

We will find out on March 20 when the covers finally lift on what should be the most powerful production car ever offered by Dodge.

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