First unit is a silver diesel that goes to a local businessman.

It‘s finally happening - Alfa Romeo has started production of the Giulia sedan in its Cassino plant near Rome.

In June 2015 Alfa Romeo revealed the first of many new models that will be launched by the manufacturer in the next few years. The Giulia gathered a huge interest from fans around the world and it’s finally reaching the assembly lines in Italy.

While there’s no official confirmation from the manufacturer, many sources claim the first Giulia rolled off the production lines yesterday. Our colleagues at OmniAuto report the first customer of the model is an entrepreneur from the city of Cassino, who will get a Stromboli Grey diesel car with xenon headlights. The vehicle is already available for order directly from the brand’s dealerships.

Once again, Alfa failed to meet its preliminary plans, as earlier this year it was announced production of the Giulia will commence on March 14. Obviously, that’s not the case and probably setting up the assembly lines took longer than expected.

Actually, assembling begun on February 23, when employees at the factory started manufacturing pre-production vehicles, used for precise adjustment of the lines. Around 30 units were made every day, so we assume the Italian company has more than 1,000 cars on stock already.


Source: Alfa Romeo via OmniAuto and Alfa Romeo Project 952 (Facebook)