Explosions, explosions, and more explosions – what do you expect in a Michael Bay film? The 54-year-old director has been known in making heart-pumping action sequences that never seem to stop, and "6 Underground" wasn't spared of his signature.

So, what gives? Why are we writing about a Michael Bay film?

Well, this green Giulia Quadrifoglio deserves your attention. The film, which stars Ryan Reynolds as One – a vigilante billionaire who took social justice into his own and six other guys' hands – also stars this Italian super sedan in the high-octane parts of the movie.

Gallery: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio From '6 Underground'

Featured in an oddly long car chase scene, the Giulia was technically abused in 6 Underground, side-winding in the streets of Florence, Italy. Peculiarities aside, like side mirrors reappearing after they were hit during the chase, car guys would really love the chases and the heft of great super saloons that seem to appear out of nowhere. Heck, there was even a Maserati Quattroporte at some point.

Just in case you're wondering how's it like to drive the Giulia Quadrifoglio that way, our colleagues from Motor1 Italy had a chance to get inside the very Giulia that was used in the film, complete with the modifications employed on the Italian super sedan.

Just so you'd know, there a handful of modifications on the Giulia used in the Netflix film. These changes include the hydraulic handbrake, electronic release in "bench mode", ECU remapping, Pirelli P Zero Corsa rear tires, and of course, the McLaren Green wrapping.

Watch the video on top of this page to see how our experience went inside the Giulia Quadrifoglio, along with an exclusive interview with one of the stunt drivers for the film.

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