Deep in the hills of North Carolina lies an unusual car collection you have to see to believe. Hagerty’s latest Barn Hunter video series features Vernon Brannan a car collector with a serious love of British sports cars. In previous episodes, Hagerty showed Brannan’s collection in warehouses outside of London, but today is something special. We have the unique opportunity to see one of the most complete collections of Triumphs in a warehouse located in the hills of North Carolina. Welcome to the coolest car collection you’ve ever heard of.

For Brannan, this collection all started with one car, a Triumph TR4 that he purchased new as his first car. From there Brannan put a quarter of a million miles on his TR4 and acquired an untold number of British sports cars along the way. This particular location features over 30 cars that Hagerty has the opportunity to share with its viewers. The level of knowledge and appreciation for both Triumphs and cars, in general, is a perfect example of why automotive enthusiasm and collecting are so exciting.

Brannan’s collection in North Carolina is mostly made up of rare and unique Triumphs that are actually driven on a 6-week rotation. In addition to all the Triumphs, Brannan has some very unique cars like a Triumph Acclaim which was actually just a Honda Ballade built by Triumph with all Honda tooling and parts. Brannan even has a collection of displays used by Triumph at auto shows to advertise new engines and their independent rear suspension technology.

This unique collection is a perfect time capsule to preserve and appreciate the lost work of Triumph. Triumph officially closed its doors in 1984, but that was long after the glory days of the brand. It's great to see all of the best parts of Triumph in one location so we can gain a better appreciation for the brand.

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