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Off-road adventuring is often about getting back to nature, but that’s hard to do when you’re enclosed in a quiet cabin. Removable roofs and doors and other tricks help bring nature inside, and that’s something that will get easier for the Jeep Gladiator to do. Today, the company confirmed it is offering new half doors from its Jeep Performance Parts division. They’re available now.

The half-door bonanza at Jeep has spread from the Wrangler, which got the half doors earlier this year, to the Gladiator. The half doors are available through the Mopar Custom Shop as part of original new-vehicle purchases in the US. The Gladiator’s Dual-Door Group includes both the half doors and the full-size ones, and there are two versions available depending on the desired upper-window assemblies.

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The assemblies feature a weather-tight seal and zippered plastic windows, though the materials differ. One is designed for the base model’s soft-top vinyl roof, while the other features premium acrylic for the premium soft-top option. The base-model doors cost $4,590. The premium doors cost $4,990, and that includes both sets of doors. Trucks with the Dual-Door Group receive the truck with the full-size doors installed with the half doors packaged inside.

Jeep designed the doors to work with the Gladiator’s factory equipment, including power mirrors, passive and non-passive entry handles, power locks, and blind-spot detection. The company says that swapping the doors takes minutes, and the half doors use the existing hinge locations and wiring connections. The new Dual-Door Group is included as part of the company’s new vehicle three-year/36,000-mile warranty.

The Gladiator’s half-door packages are a bit pricier than the ones available for the Wrangler, but the two vehicles offer both types of doors to customers. Off-roading has exploded in the last few years alongside the growth in crossovers and SUVs, and new competitors like the Ford Bronco are keeping Jeep busy.

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