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In early July, Audi announced its intention to present three new electric concept vehicles designed to "reinvent mobility as we know it today." We've already seen the Skysphere, a striking roadster with the ability to shorten its wheelbase for a more sporting drive. Now, the second concept is on deck for a debut in September, and it's grand both in name and presence.

Audi took to social media with a teaser for the Grandsphere concept, a sizeable sedan that looks exceptionally spacious inside from this top-down view. Audi showed more of the concept back in July, giving us a look at the side with its doors open along with a few interior teasers. The overall impression is that of a larger, sleeker Audi A7 Sportback without an internal combustion engine. As such, the hood is much shorter which allows for a cavernous interior.


In fact, Audi teases the Grandsphere's greenhouse as something of a mobile living room. Previous teasers show rear-opening doors that create a pillarless entry into the car. It's designed with Level 4 autonomous systems in mind so it does have a steering wheel for manual control, but its primary mission would be to shuttle occupants around in comfort without human intervention.

Gallery: Audi Grand Sphere concept teasers

It's highly unlikely the Grandsphere will incorporate the variable wheelbase of the Skysphere. As novel an idea as it is, the Grandsphere's design doesn't focus on the driving experience. That said, Audi's teaser does mention "a change in perspective" but in this instance, we suspect it's not a literal reference.

The Grandsphere will debut on September 2 as the second of three new electric concepts from Audi. The third is a crossover called the Urbansphere, which is said to focus on offering private space in an urban environment. If it follows the same timeframe as the Grandsphere, expect its reveal to fall in late September or early October.

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