The Odyssey Teardrop Trailer looks like a relic from the past with its use of aluminum and wood, but don’t let its looks fool you. The trailer is the design of Robert Carlson, who paired the sleek styling with some very neat features, like an innovative slide-out bunk. The trailer is still in development, though you may be able to buy one as soon as later this year.

The Odyssey’s sleek design came from drawings of teardrop travel trailers from the 1930s and 1940s Carlson saw in Popular Mechanics. The vintage aesthetic is front and center, mixing rich pine and birch woods with bright anodize aluminum. The Odyssey Streamline model has two beds (in the photo gallery below) – the king-size one converts into a seating area, though the slide-out bunk is quite impressive. It’s protected with a wraparound tent and adds to the already spacious interior that measures 6-foot, 6-inches wide and 3-feet, 10-inches tall.

Gallery: Odyssey Teardrop Trailer

Opposite the slide-out bunk is the outdoor kitchen. The front of the trailer opens to reveal everything one would need to make a delicious dinner. It features two side tables, a double-insulated cooler, a camp stove with griddle, deep pantry drawers, and storage areas for cutlery and for cookware. There’s a sink with a three-way faucet that’s connected to a seven-gallon freshwater tank that drains into a seven-gallon gray water one.

Carlson plans to begin production in late fall of this year, though right now, he’s spending time outdoors test camping with prototypes. He hopes to sell the Streamline for $20,000-$23,000, and he already has plans for what he wants to do next. Carlson is developing an off-road model called the Geographic that should retail for $16,000-$18,000, though it’s unclear when that one will be ready to build. We’re excited to see what Carlson does next after discovering his Odyssey Teardrop Trailer.

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