There are two types of motorhomes – those that are large enough to accommodate a small village by the world's end, and those that are small enough for a couple's retreat. And of course, everything in between.

The InTech Luna Rover is more of the latter. In fact, it's a teardrop trailer that's small and lightweight but ultimately packs a lot of things. The company's latest prototype, however, is an innovation that outdoor-loving people would surely love: a cassette toilet housed inside the trailer.

Gallery: InTech Luna Rover Teardrop Trailer With Cassette Toilet

The Small Trailer Enthusiast was able to get a preview of this prototype in the metal. Here's the video.

Aptly dubbed as the Luna Rover - Toiler, the prototype doesn't deviate too much from a normal Luna Rover teardrop toilet. The whole exterior package is 7 feet and 1 inch (2.2 meters) tall, 15 feet and 6 inches (4.7 meters) long, and 7 feet and 10 inches (2.4 meters) wide. It's also lightweight, tipping the scales at 1,770 pounds (803 kilograms) depending on the included options.

Apart from the cassette toilet, which by the way is weirdly situated at the center of the teardrop trailer's interior, the Luna Rover also comes with an option to have a fireplace heater inside, which is cool.

Other features of the Luna Rover prototype trailer include an exterior kitchen setup with a refrigerator, a huge sink, and a two-burner cooktop, along with interior seats that probably convert into a bed, storage areas, a 15-inch TV, and air-conditioning. With these available, you'll never have to worry about anything while getting lost out in the great outdoors.

Well, there's one thing – sleeping inside the same room where you use a toilet.

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