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Say what you will about Hyundai’s current designs, but their cars are anything but boring. The company’s upcoming entry-level crossover for Europe stays true to the polarizing design language pompously dubbed as “Sensuous Sportiness.” Marketing fluff aside, it would appear the Bayon will be just as funky as the Kona, adopting a similar split headlight design.

For a vehicle this small, the front grille appears to be unusually large and is complemented by an upper horizontal slat between the LED daytime running lights in a design inspired by the Kona. The similarities end there as the rear end hosts completely different taillights with an LED signature designed to resemble an arrow. It would appear the Bayon is the next model to get a light bar stretching across the entire width of the tailgate.

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Hyundai isn’t willing to go into any details regarding the crossover’s technical specifications, but given the Bayon’s positioning at the bottom of the food chain, don’t expect anything particularly exciting. It’s likely sticking to three-cylinder power and a front-wheel-drive layout, with the possibility to pick from a manual gearbox and a dual-clutch automatic.

It will be Hyundai’s answer to the likes of the Ford Puma and Toyota Yaris Cross, but with a more eccentric design for those looking to stand out. Underneath the skin, it should be largely the same as the i20 supermini. While the subcompact hatch has spawned a performance N variant, we wouldn’t hold our breath for a Bayon N.

The subcompact crossover will go on sale in Europe in the first half of 2021, which means the official reveal is programmed to take place in the coming weeks. Spy shots have revealed an even smaller crossover is planned by Hyundai, but that might end up as a model developed exclusively for emerging markets.

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