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Regular readers of are probably well aware of our passion for all kinds of motorhomes. We like them big, small, practical, luxurious - as long as they have a smart design and intelligent solutions. InTech is one of the companies in the RV sector that caught our attention with the Luna Rover teardrop trailer and now the firm has debuted a way more opulent offering

It’s called the Terra Oasis and is a large camping trailer that weighs between 5,650 and 5,850 pounds (2,563 to 2,653 kilograms). It’s one of the company’s most luxurious models and has everything you’ll ever need for a (not so) quick escape from the city. 

Gallery: Intech Terra Oasis camper trailer

The trailer is based around an all-aluminum, all-tube, fully welded cage frame. InTech promises it has used “the strongest, longest-lasting materials available” - including fiberglass for the walls, in a lightweight construction that won’t rust. The overall length of the Terra Oasis is 7.92 meters (312 inches) and the overall width is 2.54 meters (100 inches). Obviously, you’ll need a large and powerful vehicle to tow it.

The cabin feels very roomy and this is mainly thanks to the massive 3-ply laminated glass panoramic front windshield. It opens up a wide-angle view of the outdoors and lets more light enter the interior space. There’s a large bedroom area inside, a dinette, a kitchen, and a separate toilet and bathroom. From what we see in the images, the materials are of the highest quality.

InTech hasn’t released pricing details about the new Terra Oasis but we’ve heard it’ll start at $55,000 MSRP. If that figure is correct, it’s definitely not cheap but it could very well be one of the best-equipped camper trailers on the market in that price range.

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