The wide breadth of homebuilt motorhomes is genuinely astounding. There are plenty of Mercedes-Benz-Sprinter-based campers out there, but no two owners outfit them the same way. The creators of this well-appointed rig took eight months to put it together for a total investment of around $150,000, including the price of the van. 

Everywhere you look inside, there's a neat touch. For example, the rear dinette has a swiveling table so the couple can move it around for the preferred configuration. Plus, the bed is on an elevator over this area, and an electric motor lowers the mattress on a custom-fabricated aluminum frame.

Sprinter Camper Van Build
Sprinter Camper Van Build

The kitchen features handsome bamboo cabinets. A neat touch is that one of the drawers has a second drawer inside of it for maximizing storage in a compact area. The sink includes a UV filter because the couple spends lots of time in the woods, and the water quality out there can be poor.

The shower is nicer than the ones we see on some factory-built Sprinter motorhomes. White marble tiles cover the walls, which look great with the black fixtures. Teak wood slats are on the floor, and the aluminum pan underneath is heated.

The front section of the van has a floor-to-ceiling storage area against a wall. There's enough room to hang stuff in the upper area. The lower section has a hole so the couple's two cats can reach the litter box.

These folks live in the van all year. To remain comfortable, there are heated floors and air conditioning. 800 watts of solar power and 540 amps of batteries let them run the AC for four to five hours a day.

The outside of the van has a massive mount that holds gobs of gear, including two bicycles and inflatable kayaks. During the winter, they swap out the bike mounts to haul skis. Opening the rear doors provides access to an outdoor shower.

This is this couple's second van build, which is probably why it looks so cohesive. They already knew what features were most important to them and were able to incorporate those ideas into a very spacious, posh tiny home.

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