The F90 BMW M5 is quickly becoming one of the most tunable performance cars on the market thanks to its robust drivetrain, twin-turbo V8, and switchable all-wheel-drive system. The F90 M5 is an impressive machine right out of the box, but with a simple tune and bolt-on mods, can challenge supercars. To put this tuned M5 to the test, the carwow team raced it against the 992 911 Turbo S.


The stock F90 BMW M5 is powered by a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, which produces 617 hp (460 kW) and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) of torque. This power is sent through an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission and then finally a trick all-wheel-drive system that can switch from all-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive. This impressive machine elevates the BMW M5 to new levels of performance that rival modern supercars.

So, what happens when tuning an F90 M5 for maximum performance? In the Evolve tuning kit featured in today’s video, we see an F90 M5 with forged engine internals, hybrid turbochargers that are larger than stock, and a water injection kit to cool intake temperatures. This highly tuned M5 is putting down 1,000 horsepower.


Is a 1,000 horsepower M5 enough to match the 992 911 Turbo S, which is one of the quickest production cars ever built? Thanks to its lightning-fast PDK transmission and all-wheel-drive system the 911 Turbo S has one of the most impressive acceleration times of an internal combustion engine vehicle with a 0 to 60mph time of only 2.3 seconds. 

Can the 640hp 911 Turbo S keep up with a 1,000 horsepower BMW M5? Well, let’s find out in carwow’s latest drag race series in this battle of stock versus tuned.

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