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What’s the biggest challenge when embarking on an extended camping holiday? That depends on the kind of camping you’re into, but if it involves bringing lots of toys for motorized recreation, simply getting everything to your destination can be tough. Towing two trailers could be an option, but it’s extremely difficult to do and in some U.S. states, it’s not allowed. That’s what makes this prototype two-in-one camper so cool.  

As the headline explains, this innovative trailer handles both camping and boating needs in one package. For now at least, it’s simply called the boat and camp trailer and while the name may not be imaginative, the concept certainly is. The front half of the trailer is devoted to camping and features all the amenities of a modest motorhome, including a small kitchen, toilet, shower, and a queen-sized bed. The rear is designed to carry a boat, which is launched like any other boat trailer by simply backing into the water. Just don't go too far, lest your queen-sized bed become a water bed.

Gallery: The Boat And Camp Trailer

According to the company’s website, various trailer designs to accommodate a range of boat styles such as pontoons will be available. Different cabin layouts will also be offered, allowing the all-in-one trailer to be useful for weekend fishing trips as well as extended-stay family vacations. The trailers will utilize a gooseneck fifth-wheel attachment for better maneuverability, and though we don’t have specifics on trailer length or weight, it looks like a setup that most pickup trucks could pull.

As mentioned previously, this interesting trailer is only a prototype at this time. It’s a working prototype though, and for those willing to sacrifice a bit of living space to have a camper and a boat on a single trailer, it could be a game-changer. We will certainly be watching this clever project with interest in the days to come.

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