Our love for wagons runs deep, so whenever an automaker decides to take a pause from pumping out SUVs to introduce an estate, combi, or whatever you like to call it, we’re giddy with excitement. Hyundai hasn’t said a word about giving the all-new Elantra the long-roof treatment, but that hasn’t stopped SRK Designs from imagining a more family-friendly derivative of the edgy sedan.

As much as we like the idea of an Elantra wagon, it’s unlikely to happen for two major reasons. Firstly, wagon sales are not exactly great in today’s SUV-obsessed world, and that’s especially true outside of Europe, therefore such a product would not have a solid business case. Secondly, it would clash with the i30 wagon that was recently updated with a mid-cycle facelift and a sporty-looking N Line model.

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While Hyundai is probably not planning an Elantra wagon, there is hope for a new model in this body style from the company’s luxury sub-brand. We’re talking about Genesis and a recent statement made by its global boss, William Lee. He recently said a G70 wagon is being actively considered, but it hasn’t been given the proverbial green light.

That being said, Genesis might have actually teased it at the beginning of a month with a shadowy image previewing its extended future lineup. Should the G70 spawn a wagon variant, it will happen with the sedan’s mid-cycle facelift set to bring the company’s new signature double lights theme.

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There’s also an old rumor about a Sonata wagon for the European market to replace the i40, but that report is from December 2018 and we haven’t heard anything about it since then.

Outside of Hyundai and Genesis, not all automakers are putting wagons on the backburner. VW will launch soon an Arteon ‘Shooting Brake’ (complete with an R model) to serve as a more stylish alternative to the Passat Variant, while Cadillac might come out with a CT5 wagon. In addition, Mercedes is allegedly planning to go after the Audi A4 Allroad with a rugged All-Terrain version of the next-generation C-Class wagon.

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