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These days, there are all kinds of go-fast machines for folks seeking race track glory, but we haven’t seen anything like this. NASCAR fans are very familiar with Hendrick Motorsports – the team has over 250 NASCAR victories to its credit, not to mention 12 championships. If you ever had dreams of taking the checkered flag behind the wheel of a NASCAR-spec racing monster, Hendrick Motorsports is keen to make that happen with its new Track Attack cars. Yes, that means you can actually buy one.

The racing team is dipping a toe into the world of track-only toys by offering retired versions of its NASCAR race car designs for sale to the general public. In this instance, retired doesn’t mean outdated, nor does it mean these cars are designed to only turn left. Road course events are part of NASCAR’s schedule, and the Track Attack cars utilize a tube chassis fitted with NASCAR-spec adjustable suspension, brakes, and a heavy-duty solid-axle rear end for hammering corners left and right. A competition fuel cell holds the gasoline, and power goes to the pavement via 15-inch steel wheels wearing wide racing slicks.

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As for that power, a Chevrolet Performance LSX 454 delivers 627 horsepower (468 kilowatts) and it runs on premium pump gas. Yes, it isn’t a NASCAR engine but fear not – if you want the full experience, Hendrick Motorsports will upgrade that mill to its R07 racing V8s. Displacing 358 cubic inches and revving into the stratosphere, it’s the same dry-sump, Cup-Series powerplant the race team campaigned in previous years, and you can connect it to a present-day NASCAR four-speed manual transmission. A sequential six-speed gearbox is also available, which honestly sounds a bit better to us for carving corners on a road course.

Naturally it’s packed with the necessary safety equipment, and the cockpit is fitted with a digital readout to monitor all the vital stats. NASCAR bodies include the now-retired Chevrolet SS or the current Camaro ZL1, and they feature anti-lift flaps as well as functional brake lights. The bodies are stamped steel on the sides and roof with Carbon Kevlar for the front clip, hood, and deck lid.

Hendrick Motorsports advertises these cars as turn-key ready, with delivery included in the price. As for the cost, that varies depending on how the car is optioned but no figures are available at this time. It’s a freaking NASCAR that’s ready to go racing, so if you have to ask about the cost, you probably can’t afford one.

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