The Tesla Cybertruck. Like it or loathe it, there’s no denying the bonkers shock to the automotive realm brought on by the no-curves EV truck. We’ve already seen the polarizing pickup recast in numerous roles, one of which came straight from Tesla in the form of a nifty camper option that adds a tent and outside kitchen to the polygon pickup. Now we have a new rendering from MotorHomeMan on YouTube that takes the electric #RVlife theme to its next logical step – a custom fifth-wheel trailer.

It’s just an exterior rendering so there’s nothing to wax poetic about with regards to sleeping arrangements, compact kitchens, or water storage. It also assumes a custom fifth-wheel mount for the Cybertruck, as the truck's tall bed wings would make it rather difficult to connect such a trailer, never mind trying to turn it. The design of this trailer does match very well with the truck, however, and the video mentions something we absolutely can’t ignore. Compared to current RV trailer styles that have endured virtually unchanged for decades, this rig absolutely looks like something from the future. That’s not a bad thing.

Tesla Cybertruck RV Trailer Rendering

As for the Cybertruck, it should have no issues pulling such a trailer. At its debut, Musk said the 6.5-foot bed will have a 3,500-pound cargo capacity and in top trim, the Cybertruck will tow 14,000 pounds. Range would certainly decrease with a trailer behind the truck, but the video raises another interesting point with regards to electricity. Most modern RV trailers already have provisions for generating solar power, and the expansive roof of this trailer certainly has room for solar panels galore. There’s also the possibility of adding additional batteries to the trailer that can connect with the Cybertruck, effectively turning the camper into a range extender. That is, in theory anyway.

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Would you go for a crazy custom EV RV experience like this? MotorHomeMan seems rather smitten with the idea, as he apparently nixed plans to upgrade his current motorhome and ordered a Cybertruck. If this rig could be available for $100,000 as mentioned in the video, an all-electric camping experience could be just around the corner.

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