Ford pickup fans in the United States aren’t exactly hurting for aggressive off-road options. The F-150 Raptor is a full-size dune-jumping machine, but that’s not to say folks wouldn’t want a smaller version to play with. A Ranger Raptor already exists in other parts of the world, but for reasons we don’t fully understand, it’s yet to make the transition to the biggest pickup truck market of them all. PaxPower is tired of waiting, so the Texas truck tuner built its own version of a Ranger Raptor with a combination of OEM and aftermarket upgrades.

The 2019 Ranger featured here started life as a Lariat FX4 model. The body panels are actual Ranger Raptor components, sourced from Ford’s overseas operations. As such, the bed and the entire front clip are upgraded over stock, with aftermarket bumpers adding an extra-aggressive touch. The custom bumpers are actually a necessity, since the Raptor’s bodywork and undercarriage add a full five inches to the truck’s width.

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Speaking of the undercarriage, PaxPower decided not to opt for OEM Ranger Raptor components. This midsizer rids on a custom prerunner-type suspension setup from BajaKits that includes ungraded control arms and 2.5-inch racing shocks with ride adjustment knobs. Meaty off-road tires are mounted to 17-inch wheels, and they are powered by a tweaked version of the Ranger’s 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder making “about” 350 horsepower (261 kilowatts). That’s a significant bump over the actual Ranger Raptor’s 210-hp (157 kW) diesel, and according to PaxPower, it should be enough to outperform the full-size Raptor in pretty much every situation.

Such performance does come at a price. Specifically, that price is $65,000, which is about what you’d pay for a new F-150 Raptor. Given the rebirth of the midsize truck segment in the U.S., not to mention the thirst for a legitimate high-flying off-road Ranger, we suspect this is a price many buyers would be willing to pay.

PaxPower will display its Ranger Raptor this week at the 2019 SEMA Show.  

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PaxPower Ranger Raptor Conversion to Debut at SEMA 2019

Texas Truck Builder Creates Ranger Raptor from American Ranger Lariat Model

PaxPower has made its company goal to “build the trucks the OEM won’t.” What started with Supercharged V8 and PowerStroke Diesel Raptor builds from F150s has recently grown into their own Silverado-based Raptor-competitor, the Jackal. PaxPower’s next creation, which is debuting at this week’s SEMA show in Law Vegas, is another truck demanded by the market but denied by Ford.

PaxPower began with a 2019 North American Ford Ranger Lariat FX4 and converted the body to Ranger Raptor spec using OEM panels from the other side of the globe! While the cab on both trucks are the same, the rest of the body had to be changed out, including the entire front clip and a rebuild of bed. Literally, the only parts of the front or rear sections to survive the transformation were the stock Lariat LED headlights. Further, because SEMA builds need to be over the top, the entire truck was repainted in Blue Jean Metallic, a hue not available on Ranger models, foreign or domestic.

With the body addressed, attention then turned to the suspension. The two trucks differ greatly in this regard, so an OEM suspension swap didn’t seem feasible. PaxPower worked with performance suspension builder BajaKits to come up with a prerunner style setup that uses longer and stronger upper and lower control arms. This setup widens the track width 5 inches and greatly improves suspension travel. The truck rides on King 2.5” racing shocks with reservoirs and ride adjustment knobs. The PaxPower Ranger was finished off with Addictive Desert Designs bumpers that were custom fabricated to match the wider Ranger Raptor body, Rigid pro-level lighting, Toyo R/T tires, and custom-painted Icon 17-inch wheels.

PaxPower will be releasing additional details in the coming weeks, but here’s a preview: Power is increased to about 350hp from an engine calibration, making this Ranger to Raptor conversion much faster than the diesel-powered Ranger Raptor from Ford. The PaxPower Ranger should also have no problem leaving full-size Raptors in the dust both on-road and off, thanks to its power to weight and size advantages. Pricing, however, is very similar to the F150 Raptor in that complete trucks will start around $65,000. This high price tag is largely tied to acquiring a truck worth of OEM Ranger Raptor body panels on the other side of the planet!

The PaxPower Ranger will be on display at BajaKits booth at the SEMA Show. The booth is number 37233 in the Upper South Hall. On site media is encouraged to contact PaxPower for interviews and truck inspections. PaxPower can be reached at SEMA via Owner/Builder Ben Norrell at or call/text 214-797-8624.

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