Texas-based PaxPower has a history of tweaking the already capable Ford F-150 Raptor, but now the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is up for some aggressive upgrades. The company’s latest creation is called the Jackal, and depending on your off-road ambition – not to mention your bank account – you can have a Bow Tie pickup that merely looks cool with a bit of extra performance, or one that begs to catch air off desert dunes.

Specifically, PaxPower offers its Jackal in three stages. As you might expect, Stage 1 is the entry-level model that injects a bit more attitude into a stock Silverado. It gets upgraded upper control arms with King 2.5-inch front coilovers and upgraded rear shocks. Two-inch fender flares at all corners with a custom hood completes the Stage-1 specific gear.

PaxPower Jackal Stage 1
PaxPower Jackal Stage 1
PaxPower Jackal Stage 2
PaxPower Jackal Stage 2
PaxPower Jackal Stage 3
PaxPower Jackal Stage 3

Stage 2 is where things take a larger step in the performance direction. It uses the same 2.5-inch coilovers from Stage 1, but they are adjustable units and there’s extra suspension travel as well. A shackle kit for the rear suspension adds further strengthing, and the track is a full six inches wider compared to a stock Silverado. The fender flares grow to nearly four inches to better accommodate the wider profile, and that also means Stage 2 trucks get all kinds of custom gear such as axles, steering links, sway bar links, and even brake lines.

The same goes for Stage 3 trucks, with the primary difference being larger 3.0-inch internal bypass coilovers and progressive-rate leaf springs. Stage 3 Jackals also get special bumpers, lights, and larger 37-inch off-road tires versus 35-inch rubber on the other models.

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All Jackals get a minor horsepower upgrade under the hood. Assuming the truck has Chevrolet’s 6.2-liter V8, 22 extra horses are added courtesy of a cold air kit, exhaust, and a GM Performance calibration, giving the Jackal 442 hp all total. And since it’s a factory GM upgrade, it doesn’t void out the Silverado’s factory warranty. That is, for the engine anyway. We suspect a busted driveshaft might be questioned with all the suspension changes underneath.

What does a Raptor-fighting Silverado cost? The Stage 1 upgrade lists for $14,950, with each additional step up costing an additional $10,000. Of course, that doesn’t include the cost of the truck, which can be any Silverado starting with the 2019 model year. Furthermore, buyers can order the truck through select dealerships the same as a normal Silverado, with everything wrapped up in the financing.

Going that road, PaxPower says a 2020 Silverado with the Stage 2 upgrade would have comparable on and off-road performance to a new Raptor for around $75,000. That’s about $20,000 more than the Raptor’s base price, but if you want a Bow Tie truck to compete with your neighbor’s Ford, it could be worth the premium.

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2020 PaxPower Jackal: Finally, a real GM Off-Roader!

This Silverado not only rivals the Ford Raptor, It’s arguably better.

Houston, Texas – Since the first-generation Ford Raptor was introduced in 2009, F150 owners have had the
option of purchasing an off-road ready truck that can handle almost anything one can throw at it. The Raptor
not only looks the part with it’s wider fenders and bedsides, but features longer-travel suspension and
performance shocks. This combination has been wildly successful for Ford, selling to both the weekend warrior
crowd and those that are drawn to the aggressive looks and supple on-road ride.
However, those that drive the bowtie brand have not had a Silverado that checks the same performance and
appearance boxes. PaxPower saw a need and decided to do what it does best: build the trucks that the OEMs
won’t! Since its inception, PaxPower has become known for converting 2018+ V8 and PowerStroke F150s into
758-horsepower supercharged and diesel Raptors. PaxPower has built dozens of these Raptor conversions for
customers all over the world and the trucks are now available through several Ford dealerships.
PaxPower took the Raptor recipe and applied it to the new Silverado platform. The resulting truck, the PaxPower
Jackal, comes in various stages, from very capable to Raptor killer! All 3 stages of Jackal consist of quality
appearance, suspension, and performance upgrades from aftermarket industry leaders and GM Performance.
These enhancements ensure that the Jackal will not only stand out from the crowd looks wise, but will handle
even the gnarliest of off-road conditions!
The Jackal upgrade can be performed on any 2019 and newer Silverado, though PaxPower suggests opting for
the larger 6.2L engine (because more power). Complete builds (including base truck) can be purchased through
Chevrolet dealerships with traditional financing on both truck and upgrade. Most customers source the truck
through PaxPower’s Houston dealer partners and have the completed Jackal sent to them after a few week
Appearance is upgraded in all stages with the Jackal functional custom hood and wider body work. Stage 1 has
fender flares that are about 2” wider than stock and painted body color. Stage 2 and 3 take things to a whole
new level in the Silverado world with custom fenders and bedsides that are 3.5” wider per corner! This wider
bodywork cleanly takes the new Silverado’s body lines and brings them out to a dimension typically only seen
on desert race trucks. Stage 2 retains the factory bumpers, while Stage 3 is upgraded even further with Addictive
Desert Designs bumpers and Rigid lighting.
Like the visual upgrades, the suspension progresses throughout the various Jackal stages. All 3 levels feature
suspension components from industry leaders in the off-road world, King Racing Shocks and BajaKits

Performance Suspension. Jackal Stage 1 features an upper control arm from BajaKits along with proven 2.5-
inch diameter King front coilovers and rear shocks with reservoirs. The upper control arms are a CAD designed
and fabricated box design that is both strong and increases wheel travel. The arms also have trophy truck grade
uniball joints instead of the weak stock ball joints.
As with the body modifications, Stage 2 and 3 are where things really get Raptor-like in the suspension
department. These levels boast significantly increased wheel travel and a track width that is 6” wider than the
stock Silverado! Both the wider track and additional travel are from BajaKits upper and lower control arms that
are constructed just like those in the Stage 1, only bigger. These long travel arms are built 3” wider per corner
and accompanied with wider axles, steering links, custom sway bar endlinks, and brake lines.
Stage 2 uses King 2.5” diameter coilovers and shocks with adjuster knobs for ride quality. In the rear, a BajaKits
shackle kit that aids with travel and strength. Stage 3 features the same prerunner style suspension kit as Stage
2, but takes things up a significant level in the coilover/shock department with King 3.0” inch diameter units
with internal bypass. This internal bypass feature allows both a smooth ride on small bumps and serious
dampening on big hits. These King 3.0 coilovers and shocks are vastly superior to the stock Fox shocks found on
the Raptor and are a common upgrade for those Raptors that see actual use in the dirt. Stage 3 also has Deaver
progressive rate leaf springs that provide a significantly softer ride and even more suspension travel.
Performance on all 3 levels is the same and takes the 6.2L from its base 420 to an iconic 442-horsepower. Torque

is similarly raised from 460 to 475 ft/lb. These performance gains are achieved using a GM Performance cold-
air intake, GM Performance dual exhaust, and the GM Performance engine calibration. Considering the new

Silverado’s engine computer is encrypted by GM and not tuneable by the aftermarket, these are essentially the
only upgrades one can do the new GM half-tons. The upside of that, however, is that these performance
upgrades maintain GM’s 5-year/60,000-mile drivetrain warranty.
The Jackal is then finished off with 17” flow forged off-road wheels and Toyo R/T tires. Stage 1 and 2 use large
35x12.5-inch tires and Stage 3 steps up to a massive 37x12.5-inch!
With its off-road capabilities and aggressive looks, the Jackal is unprecedented in the Chevy world and invites
comparison to the industry-leader in this segment, the Ford Raptor. The Raptor has had a decade of no real
half-ton off-road competitors, but the Jackal brings those days to an end! In the speed department, the 442-
horsepower Jackal matches the second-generation Raptor’s 5.7-sec 0-60 time and uses the same high-tech 10-
speed transmission. While performance numbers are similar, it needs to be noted that the Jackal features an
All-American 6.2L V8 and the exhaust note to match! Whereas the Raptor makes its power from a diminutive
3.5L six-cylinder and sports an exhaust note that is candidly shameful for a performance truck.
The three Jackal stages allow customers to tailor appearance and performance to their needs, but also to their
price point. The Stage 1 with its King and BajaKits suspension, Jackal custom hood, fender flares, performance
upgrades, wheels, and tires is $14,950. Stage 2 with the wider and longer travel suspension and wider bodywork
is $24,950. Considering 6.2L Silverados can often be sourced for around $50,000, we believe these Stage 2
Jackal builds compete straight up with Raptor’s in terms of appearance, performance, and it’s roughly $75k price
tag. Stage 3 is an industry first in terms of performance value with it’s top-of-the-line King 3.0 shocks, 37” tires,
custom rear leaf springs, and fabricated bumpers that transform the Jackal’s looks even further.
For more information, please contact PaxPower at www.PaxPower.com or at 832-369-6852. The pictured truck
is a company vehicle and available for media testing.

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