If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll know about the eternal all-wheel-drive dispute – Audi Quattro versus BMW xDrive. Countless videos on the internet pretend to be giving an answer to the question which German AWD system is better but, honestly, not a single of them seems to be entirely objective. We’ve stumbled upon yet another clip, which might be the one to finally put the dispute to an end.

It comes from the folks over at Tyre Reviews on YouTube, who decided to put identical Nokian tires on a BMW 3 Series xDrive and an Audi A4 Quattro and compare the cars' behavior on snow and ice. The two German sedans are joined by a Jaguar XE AWD for a good measure.

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“Following on from the 4WD vs. winter tire video last year, where everyone told me I was an idiot for using a BMW and that I should have used an Audi for AWD systems, I thought I would try and prove to the world that there wasn't much difference in the systems anymore. Hopefully, this video will help any future Quattro vs. xDrive arguments,” Jonathan Benson from Tyre Reviews explains his idea.

It’s important to note that the tires on the Audi and BMW have the exact same size in this video, while the Jag runs on slightly different rubber. Also, all three cars have very close power-to-weight ratios and all three have automatic transmissions. Another thing we want to notice is that the Bimmer has the least amount of torque.

Let’s get testing. Tyre Reviews’ evaluations begin with a snow traction test or, simply, a drag race on snow. The second test puts the three sedans on a frozen lake for another portion of standing-start duels. Next is a snowy hill climb run between the BMW and the Audi, and finally, there’s a run around a snowy handling course – which one is fastest and the most fun to drive?

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