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The Porsche Taycan has been making waves ever since its debut. Aside from being the first all-electric Porsche to be offered, it's also a highly-capable sports EV that set a new record at the Green Hell. With that said, Tesla seemed to have felt threatened with the Taycan's arrival, seen through a series of appearances from the Model S at the Nürburgring.

But, Porsche isn't stopping there. The Stuttgart-based automaker isn't done yet in its EV offensive. While lower variants of the Taycan have already seen daylight, other iterations are still on their testing phases. These other iterations of the Taycan include this – the Taycan Cross Turismo, which was spied quietly attacking Nürburgring corners.

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Captured by Youtube's Carspotter Jeroen, the Taycan Cross Turismo wore its typical disguise that we last saw on previous spy shots that came out earlier this year. The concealments include black tapes on the body and other tapes on the headlights to hide details from eagle-eyed spy photographers. Of course, Porsche's comically installed fake exhausts are also present but the lack of exhaust sounds and the yellow round sticker on the rear windshield should be dead giveaways.

As you could see on the video on top of this page, the Taycan Cross Turismo is furiously blazing through the 'Ring, which makes us wonder what's powering the all-electric Porsche wagon.

Right now, information about the Taycan Cross Turismo is pretty scarce, except that it will be launched next year. The long-roof version of the Taycan will more likely inherit the performance numbers of its sedan version, although performance will naturally be different because of their differing body size and weight.

What we can confirm at this time, however, is that the Taycan Cross Turismo isn't going to be far from the wonders that the Taycan promises. And with that, you can bet we're all excited about what Porsche has in store for this nameplate.

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