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Some time ago, Ford talked about reviving the Mustang Mach 1 as an electric crossover. That idea – the name anyway – didn’t sit well with pretty much everyone that had even a remote interest in the Mustang’s legacy. The company reversed course on the name but not the idea, and we now have our first hint of how this new offering will look in a short teaser video, and an official line image from Ford.

The video first appeared on, followed by Ford posting it on social media and on its website. The 22-second clip shows close-ups of a full-size clay model along with a line sketch of the forthcoming SUV.

The date 11-17-19 basically confirms when this new crossover will be revealed, which incidentally is a Sunday leading up to media days at the Los Angeles Auto Show. We contacted Ford about this video since we couldn’t find it at official Blue Oval channels, and the company did confirm it’s a legit teaser. We were also sent a high-resolution version of the line sketch, which you can see at the top of the article, along with a promise that more information would be coming soon.

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What do we know about this crossover as of now? Not much, unfortunately, save for it being based on the Mustang and that it will be Ford’s first fully electric offering built from the ground-up to be an EV. Ford has been slow to enter the electric realm, but the teaser sketch certainly reveals what looks like a shapely offering in the exploding crossover market. The Mustang’s influence is easily seen, and if we may take a minute to brag, it doesn’t look too far off from the exclusive renderings we’ve created over the last year or so.

2020 Ford Mustang Mach 1
Mustang based electric crossover rendering

As for the name, Ford has been careful to say Mustang-based in the few instances for which the EV crossover topic has come up. Beyond that, Mach-E could be a candidate as we’ve heard that mentioned on occasion. It seems unlikely the Blue Oval would revive an older nameplate such as Maverick or Falcon.

In any case, we will have full knowledge no later than November 17 on what could be an attractive, sporty offering in the burgeoning EV crossover market.

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