The Chevrolet K5 Blazer was the Bowtie's competitor against the contemporary Ford Bronco, and there hasn't been anything quite like the hardcore off-roader SUV in the Bowtie's lineup in a while. Our partners at Motorious have discovered that solution to this quandary was to create a modern recreation using a 2018 Chevy Tahoe. The builders call it the K5 Tahoe, and the machine premieres at the 2019 SEMA Show.

Gallery: Chevrolet Tahoe Chevy K5 Blazer Conversion

The cues from the existing Tahoe largely disappear from the exterior of this build. The front end wears styling that takes inspiration from the 1967 and '68 Chevy C10 pickup's two-slat grille with amber turn signals in the lower corners. With no lower fascia and just a simple chrome bumper, this rig appears to sit a lot higher than a current Tahoe. The hood is a bit more bulbous than an authentic C10 or K5 Blazer.


The body shows more of the Blazer cues, including appearing to wear new door panels and fenders. The two-tone combo of blue and white paint provides the proper vintage aesthetic, too. The SUV rides on knobby all-terrain tires with simple, slotted wheels.

The rear wears the old-school look of embossed Chevrolet letters across the hatchback. A tiny, chrome bumper also adheres to the back.

The video above shows a view of the cabin, and the interior comes straight out of Tahoe. It creates the effect of giving the SUV a retro appearance on the outside and a thoroughly modern look when someone opens the door.

There's no specific mention of the powertrain for this custom machine, but the stock interior hints that the powertrain might not have many changes, either. This means that a driver gets to enjoy the vintage exterior appearance but has all the modern powertrain and technological amenities.

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