The company beat its previous record of 209 mph.

Back in 2017, Genovation set a new speed record for a street-legal electric vehicle. Then, the electrified C6 Corvette hit 209 miles per hour (336.3 kilometers per hour). It wasn’t until early 2018 when a production version made its debut. While deliveries should commence soon, if they haven’t already, the crew at Genovation cars decided to return to Kennedy Space Center’s Shuttle Landing facility for another record-setting speed attempt, and they were successful, hitting 210.2 mph (338.28 kph). 

Yes, there are faster, petrol-powered cars out there that are setting their own records, but Genovation and electric vehicles march to the beat of their own drum. The description under the video that highlights the electrified Corvette’s record run says the crew had to cancel their first attempt due to rain. However, even while battling massive crosswinds, Genovation was able to set a new record. Though it appears Genovation isn’t done setting records, according to the description’s cryptic conclusion.

Like other electric vehicles, the amount of power the GXE produces does come at the cost of range. The car, one of the 75 to be sold to prospective customers, packs a 60-kWh battery pack that gives the electric ‘Vette a meager range of about 130 miles (209 kilometers). However, the twin-motor powertrain delivers a whopping 800-plus horsepower (597-plus kW) and over 700 pound-feet (949 Newton-meters) of torque. Oh, and the car has a nearly perfect 50:50 weight distribution, so there’s that. 

Genovation’s cryptic foreshadowing about future records does have us wondering what the company is planning. Could the GXE be ready to set a newer, faster top-speed record? Or is Genovation going in a different direction now that it has beaten its own previous record? It’s hard to tell, but with customer deliveries scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of this year, the company could be ready to make more waves. 

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