Note: The original story said, "It can speed through the quarter-mile in an alleged 10.6 seconds ..." This is incorrect. The vehicle goes from 0-100-0 mph in this time.

The 2020 Ford Mustang GT350R arrives benefiting from technology that trickles down from the upcoming GT500. While perhaps a little less exciting, there are some new colors to choose, too.

The 2020 GT350R gets new front suspension geometry. The revised parts also include new steering rack, revised electric power steering settings, and a redesigned high-trail steering knuckle from the GT500.

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On the outside, buyers can now order Grabber Lime and Twister Orange exterior colors for folks who want their GT350 to be attention-grabbing even if bystanders don't hear the engine's roar. Iconic Silver and Red Hot Metallic are two new, less vibrant hues. The high-powered Mustang also gains the FordPass Connect system that allows for using a phone app for finding the vehicle, locking or unlocking the doors, monitoring fuel and oil levels, and following maintenance alerts.

Otherwise, the 2020 GT350 and GT350R carryover from before. Under the hood, there's a 5.2-liter V8 with a flat-plane crankshaft giving it a different sound from other Mustangs. The mill produces 526 horsepower (392 kilowatts) and 429 pound-feet (582 Newton-meters) of torque. It revs to an impressive 8,250 rpm. The only gearbox option is a six-speed manual.

The GT350R retains the same powertrain but makes more track-focused features available, including carbon fiber wheels and revised body kit with a different front splitter and more aggressive rear wing.

If you're hungry for more power, then the Mustang Shelby GT500 is on the way with a 5.2-liter supercharged V8 making 760 horsepower (567 kilowatts) and 625 pound-feet (847 Newton-meters) of torque, while routing through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. It can speed allegedly speed from 0-100-0 mph in 10.6 seconds and reach a factory-limited top speed of 180 miles per hour (289.6 kilometers per hour).

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AUG 12, 2019 | DEARBORN, MICH.

2020 Mustang Shelby GT350R
DEARBORN, Mich., Aug. 12, 2019 – As the greatest-ever Mustang performance lineup hits the streets, the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT350R picks up new performance tech and colors from its stablemates to make it more fun to drive on the track and off.

Enhancing handling and steering responsiveness, Shelby GT350R refinements for 2020 include redesigned front suspension geometry with a redesigned high-trail steering knuckle leveraged from the all-new Shelby GT500. To elevate driver confidence and steering precision, a new steering rack and recalibrated electric power steering control is also added.

“It’s always been our plan to take the latest innovations from the GT500 program and strategically apply them across the Mustang lineup,” said Ed Krenz, Ford Performance chief program engineer. “These latest updates to the GT350R keep its performance competitive and on the top if its game, whether that’s on the track or on the street.”

GT350R continues to also deliver against aggressive targets for weight reduction with a rear seat delete and carbon fiber wheels. Exhaust resonators also have been removed for weight savings with the benefit of creating a sharper exhaust tone.

For customers seeking more comfort in their Shelby GT350R, Ford offers an available Technology Package with a 12-speaker B&O premium sound system, Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert, Cobra Puddle Lamps and voice-activated navigation.

Also standard are carbon fiber wheels, larger front splitter and rear wing.

Standing apart from GT350, GT350R features distinct design details. Exterior touches include red painted brake calipers, red pin striping at the edges of the optional over-the-top racing stripes and Shelby GT350R badging. Inside is high-contrast red stitching, Shelby GT350R badging and the D-shaped steering wheel fitted with a red center mark at the top.


Shelby GT350
2020 Shelby GT350 carries over previous updates, including the latest advances in tire, aerodynamics and chassis technology. GT350 shares some new Mustang colors and new driver technologies. Grabber Lime and Twister Orange are two bright, new heritage feature colors that trace back to the 1970s, while new Iconic Silver and Red Hot Metallic provide some classic hues to the lineup.

FordPass Connect™, now standard on Mustang for 2020, allows owners to interact with their vehicles via a smartphone. Using FordPass Connect’s phone application, GT350 owners can locate their parked car, lock and unlock it, and check vehicle status, such as fuel, oil levels and maintenance alerts. The availability of these features varies by market.

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