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If you've been keeping tabs on SSC and their Tuatara hypercar, then there's been some awesome news. Remember when we said that the company already started production, with the first unit to be delivered to a lucky owner by the third quarter of this year? Well, they kept their promise, and the first SSC Tuatara production car will be turned over to a lucky owner this August of 2019. 

Gallery: 2020 SSC Tuatara

The hand-over in question will be at the Monterey Car Week, at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering at the SSC North America display area. Of course, press and visitors to the event will be more than welcome to witness the whole occasion. This marks the beginning of SSC's effort to meet the production demands of the rest of its customers, and have promised that future buyers and the press will "have had the opportunity to experience its extreme performance and track-level handling, hailing it for its comfort, drivability, and driving experience unlike any other car on the market."

This is an opportune time for SSC North america to finally get some real-world performance validation, backed by years of design, engineering, and testing. The SSC Tuatara aims to break the 300 mph mark, and will even feature a targa top in the future. With a reported current drag coefficient of just 0.279, a 5.9-liter twin turbo V8 that generates 1,350 horsepower with regular fuel (E85 gets you 1,750 horsepower), and a computerized manual transmission with various modes handles the power, that mark doesn't seem that far off. 

Could we see a top speed run posted by the owner himself/herself on YouTube very soon? Or will an invite go out to some select automotive press in the near future? We're anxious to see how the car does in the real world, but this is a good sign for SSC moving forward. 

Source: SSC North America


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