They heyday of custom vans may have been in the mid-to-late '70s, but apparently, nobody told Dodge. Back in '91, they built this wild, six-wheeled creation, and it's one of the coolest custom vans we've ever seen.

Apparently, only the middle axle is driven. The other axle serves only to help with weight distribution, apparently a concern for an extra-long van like this one. Consider as well that this isn't just a long cargo van or a church bus filled with rows of seats –this is a fully-appointed conversion van. There's going to be a lot more weight back there, and, besides, it looks super cool with two rear axles.

The van was discovered by Barn Finds. It's currently being sold on eBay by a Hot Wheels collector in Tucson, Arizona. We echo Barn Finds' sentiment that this is an appropriate vehicle for a Hot Wheels collector, as it looks like a life-size version of the over-the-top customs Hot Wheels is best known for, right down to the big chrome wheels and white-letter tires.

The van was apparently built for a Los Angeles Dodge dealer, who convinced the company to build him this unique, one-of-one van. Now on its fourth owner, the van was purchased in Las Vegas before making its way to Tucson.

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Despite some sun-fading on the exterior and plush maroon interior, this van still presents very well, and looks like an amazingly comfortable way to travel down the highway. We can't imagine a more perfect road trip vehicle.

If you're looking to add this to your fleet, the Buy It Now price of $13,000 seems more than fair for such a unique cross-country traveler. With a little freshening up, you can party like it's 1991 –or 1977.

Source: Barn Finds via eBay


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