A 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby is the latest vehicle to join the Lego Creator lineup of kits. Users on Reddit discovered the new set when Lego's web page briefly showed an image of the model.

Further digging by folks there indicates the Mustang kit goes on sale in March and carries a price in Europe of 139.99 euros (160.38 at current exchange rates).

The front of the car wears a "GT 1967" license plate, which provides a hint of this Mustang's model year, but this doesn't appear to be the GT trim. Instead, the hood scoops and front lights indicate the model is a Shelby GT350 or GT500. The two vehicles are largely identical from the outside, so it's impossible to identify the coupe just from this image.

However, the GT500 is probably the more likely choice for this kit. One factor to consider is that 1967 is the first model year of this range-topping Mustang. In addition, the Blue Oval has a new GT500 on the way this year, so it's a canny marketing move to offer the classic one for this set because both companies can play on the increased interest in the nameplate.

The kit allegedly has 1,471 pieces, which should make for quite a detailed model when complete. For comparison, the last Lego Creator kit was James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 complete with a bevy of gadgets, and it had 1,295 pieces. The earlier Volkswagen Beetle set in the same product range had 1,167 parts.

Source: Reddit

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