Let’s say you have a spare $18,000 burning a hole in your wallet (we know there’s no such thing as “spare” money, but, come on, humor us) and you’re looking to drop it on some sort of four-wheeled contraption. The angel on your shoulder would probably tell you to do something sensible. “Go to the Chevy dealer and purchase a brand-new Cruze sedan for $17,995 and enjoy its factory warranty and 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with the convenience of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.”

Practical? Yes. Exciting? Not one bit. And that’s when the devil pops up on your other shoulder: “Why have a warranty and modern technology when you can own something that reflects your distinct tastes?”

Follow your worse angel, we say, and forgo common-sense for idealism. And if you’re anything like us, then there aren’t many more ideal ways to drop $18,000 then on this classic GMC Glenbook motorhome. Well, technically you’ll need to spend $17,900.

Currently offered for sale in Mount Vernon, Indiana, this Glenbrook is one of 1,656 Glenbrooks made for the 1975 model year, according to GMC Motorhomes International. The rotund RV is the result of an experiment by General Motors to enter the motorhome segment.

First sold for the 1973 model year, the Glenbrook took the traditional ingredients of an RV and threw them in a blender. Instead of a rear-wheel-drive chassis, the Glenbrook used an Oldsmobile Toronado-derived front-wheel-drive powertrain, which assisted in lowering the floorboards and center of gravity. Outback, an air suspension system helped the RV maintain a smooth ride over bumpy roads.

This Glenbrook features a claimed 105,000 miles on its chassis and an engine that’s been properly maintained mated to a recently rebuilt transmission. Accompanying the classic 1970s-style decor are niceties such as a new fridge and furnace. It also comes equipped with a full kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, which means you can practically live in this beast. Who needs a mortgage, anyway? Yet alone a Chevy Cruze.

Source: RV Trader via Jalopnik

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