Okay folks, we need to have a serious conversation for a moment. Has something leaked into the water supply? Are chemtrails a legit thing? Have global politics become so stressful that people are just giving into whatever crazy whim enters their water-tainted, chemtrail-hazed minds? We need some answers because – amazingly enough – this UFO causally driving down a highway isn’t the first time we’ve witnessed something bizarre on the roads of America in recent months.

See what we mean?:

ViralHog has the video and there’s plenty we don’t know about the circumstances surrounding it. We do know this sighting occurred on August 5 near Jeffersonville, Indiana, on Interstate 65. That’s just across the Ohio River from Kentucky, and anyone who’s driven this stretch of highway knows how congested it can be. Such a spot wouldn’t be our ideal location to test a, um, spacecraft, never mind testing it in in the left lane at what appears to be a fairly slow speed. Aren’t UFO’s supposed to be fast? And shouldn’t aliens with advanced intelligence be aware of something as basic as proper lane discipline?

UFO car
UFO car

Allow us a moment to take that safety tangent just a bit further. We can see headlights in the front, and we’ll assume a couple of those portholes on the rear contain stoplights and turn signals. We don’t see any side view mirrors or license plates, and in the event of a crash, that wavy skin doesn’t look like it would offer much protection. Then again, it is a UFO made of some yet-unknown indestructible substance. And the visibility from that bubble canopy must be epic, even with all the alien masks inside.

The video description mentions a street rod event happening in Louisville around the time of this sighting, so we’ll go out on a limb and say that George Jetson thought it would be fun take his flying saucer to the show. We can’t disagree on that part, but there is another possibility here. This could be an actual alien, brilliantly disguised as a crazy car guy to hide in plain sight.

Yeah, probably not.

Source: ViralHog via YouTube


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