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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of days, you have probably heard by now that Ford will kill off most of its cars in the United States to focus on trucks and SUVs. The Blue Oval will only keep the Mustang and will import a crossover-inspired Focus Active version based on the hatchback’s recently introduced fourth generation.

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When Ford announced the drastic plan to dramatically reduce its car lineup, it did not disclose any information about when the cars will effectively be discontinued. Now, Automotive News’ Michael Martinez has managed to obtain the much-important dates, and these have already been confirmed by a spokesperson from Ford.

Without further ado, production of the Focus for the U.S. market will come to an end next month, while the final Taurus is going to be assembled at some point in March 2019. A couple of months later, in May, the Fiesta will be terminated as well. As for the Fusion, which has raised concerns about the fate of the Euro-spec Mondeo, it will stick around for a while. In a reply to a comment on Twitter, Michael Martinez said the next-gen model was supposed to go into production mid-2020 as a 2021MY, but plans to develop a new one were scrapped in December last year.

Ford Focus IV
Ford Focus IV

In regards to the Focus Active, pictured above, we now know that it will be imported from China beginning mid-2019, so it will likely be available in the United States as a 2020MY.

While the decision to entirely eliminate so many cars and reduce the Focus family to a single model is no doubt controversial, The New York Times has learned from Ford that the automaker is losing money on the Fusion, Focus, and Fiesta. The fact that people are buying more SUVs to the detriment of cars is not exactly news, so we won’t be too surprised if other automakers will go down the same road in the years to come.

Source: Michael Martinez / Twitter via Jalopnik

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