Can we all agree that the license plate is probably the simplest, least-technical part of a car? We’re talking about a generic piece of metal designed to literally fit on every car ever made. It doesn’t get any more basic than that. Thanks to a company called Reviver Auto, however, that’s no longer the case.

Starting this year, 100,000 digital – yes, digital – license plates will hit the road in California, where such use has been approved. It’s called the RPlate Pro, and well, it’s a digital number plate. That’s not all, because it also has built-in connectivity. We’ll get to that in a moment.

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The RPlate Pro mounts up much like a normal number plate, albeit a bit thicker and heavier, and it displays all the pertinent information just like a normal plate. Because it’s digital, however, it can also be set up to display neat-o messages usually reserved for bumper stickers. You know, things like “My kid is an honor roll student” or something similarly vanilla, as long as it’s approved by your local DMV. We assume, then, that statements of your kid beating up honor roll students will still be the domain of bumper stickers bought at Spencers.

RPlate Pro Digital License Plate
RPlate Pro Digital License Plate

Now about that whole "connected" thing. RPlate Pro has integrated communications capability with a browser-based management system called RConnect. According to the company, this will allow instant, online registration renewals without any stickers, paperwork, or waiting in line. Also, when the vehicle is parked, businesses can use the system to create custom marketing slogans that show up on the plate. The registration number stays visible, but shrinks down to roughly the size of a renewal sticker in the upper corner. Because apparently there’s never a need to easily identify a specific vehicle from a distance when it’s parked. And also, we need to advertise all the things. In every place. All the time.

Admittedly, the wireless registration update feature sounds neat. Less neat is RPlate users being tracked by Big Brother, the local mafia, aliens, or anyone else interested in knowing your every move. In all fairness, there’s absolutely no mention of such functionality from Reviver Auto, but come on – a license plate with built-in digital communications? It’s not like we’re making a big crazy leap here. Sure, most modern cars with navigation and connected services can be tracked, never mind cell phones. That doesn’t mean we want to bolt up license plates that can talk to police cars.

RPlate Pro Digital License Plate

Reviver Auto unveiled the RPlate Pro today at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, and the company has the backing of Galpin Ford in California – the single largest Ford dealership in the world. No details have been released on exactly how much these digital plates will cost, or if California residents have the option to choose a standard plate. The company says Arizona is also piloting the digital plates, with legislation on the books to approve testing in Texas and Florida.

In other words, like it or not digital license plates could be coming to a DMV near you.

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100,000 Digital License Plates From Reviver Auto To Hit Roads In 2018

Reviver Auto, creator of the world’s first digital license plate, today announced that 100,000 RPlate Pros will hit roads in 2018 and Galpin Ford, the number one Ford dealer in the world, is among the first to sell the RPlate to consumers in California.

The RPlate Pro, the latest iteration of the company’s digital license plate, was unveiled today at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) (Reviver Auto’s press conference will be held on Tuesday, January 16th from 3:05pm - 3:25pm ET at the Atrium Stage. Click here to view the livestream or an archive of the press conference). Featuring a sleek display that integrates beautifully with today’s – and tomorrow’s – vehicle styles, the RPlate Pro creates new functionalities and efficiencies for consumers and businesses alike. The digital plate is in use in California and in pilot in Arizona. Legislation is approved for pilots in Texas and Florida – with more states to be announced this year.

“The license plate has not changed since Henry Ford debuted the Model T in 1908. Today, 110 years later, change finally hits the road as the RPlate Pro launches into one of the largest vehicle markets, and most technologically progressive landscapes, in the world, with more to follow,” said Neville Boston, CEO of Reviver Auto. “We are proud that the incredibly innovative Galpin Motors is the very first of what will be many customers across the US who will help us bring our mission of greater connectivity and efficiencies to tens of thousands of vehicle owners and businesses.”

“When I saw the digital license plate from Reviver Auto, I thought it was absolutely awesome!” said Beau Boeckmann, President and COO of Galpin Motors of North Hills, CA. “Galpin has a long history of industry firsts and innovation, all revolving around better serving our customers. So, when we saw this digital license plate, it was natural for us to jump in! We are looking forward to providing Galpin customers another industry first.”

The RPlate Pro transforms the stamped metal license plate into an integrated, elegant digital display that functions as a legal license plate, while adding new digital communications facilitated through RConnect, a browser-based management system that was also unveiled today at NAIAS.

Among the functionalities RConnect makes possible for consumers are automated DMV renewals - replacing legacy stickers and onerous paperwork with digital decals; implementation of charity plates in support of a favorite cause[1] and the display of DMV-approved personal messages like “Don’t Drink and Drive” or “My Child is an Honor Student.” Cost-cutting benefits for businesses include streamlined vehicle registration renewals and easily tracked registration compliance across vehicle fleets, as well as the ability to create customized marketing messages that appear on the plate when parked.

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