We have the full skinny on the lightweight PPI Razor GTR, now available with a Visible Carbon Fiber Widebody Package. Pictures and details inside.

Stuttgart, Germany-based tuners PPI Automotive Design brought their PPI Razor GTR to the Dubai Motor Show.  The high-powered, lightweight car was put on display wearing the Visible Carbon Fiber Widebody package.

The package includes several glazing layers of clearcoat over the bare carbon fiber to give the car a more glossy look.  Each new body panel, including bumpers, fenders, lids, sideblades, and sideskirts, on PPI's redux of the Audi R8 is made from the featherweight material.  The only exception is the Polycarbonate covering over the engine.  This let PPI engineers strip 250 kilograms (551 lbs) from the car.

Unique to the Visible Carbon Fiber package is the use of carbon fiber on the doors and roof.  PPI will also tune the V8 up to 580 horsepower, thanks to the installation of a supercharger that adds 200hp.  On the V10, customers can opt for a 60- or 80-horsepower boost, with additional "power increases available upon request."

With either the 580hp V8 or the 600hp V10, PPI claims a 0-100 km/h time of 3.7 seconds en route to a 323 km/h top speed.

Gallery: PPI Razor GTR with Visible Carbon Fiber Widebody Package Shown in Dubai