Entering the cozy cabin is done through one of the two massive forward-sliding doors.

Formerly known as NextEV in the United States, Nio is a startup that has been making the headlines in recent months mainly for its EP9 autonomous electric hypercar. The company is ready to showcase its vision of another driverless EV, but that’s where the similarities between the two cars end. While the EP9 is a full-blown performance model, the Eve concept proposes the idea of a luxurious family-oriented vehicle.

It takes the shape of a two-door hatchback with a futuristic exterior design featuring slim LED headlights and taillights along with a full glass roof allowing a lot of light to enter the cabin. By pushing the wheels outwards, Nio was able to shorten the front and rear overhangs to maximize the length of the wheelbase in order to enable a very spacious interior for a car of this size.

Nio Eve concept
Nio Eve concept

Accessing the minimalist cabin is done via the two massive forward-sliding doors providing a wide entrance thanks to the absence of conventional B-pillars. The airy interior boasts a fully reclining seat perfect for relaxing or even taking a nap while the car is doing all the work thanks to its fully autonomous driving capabilities. The lounge-like cabin also features a folding table installed between the two seats facing one another to create both a play and a work space.

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Since the concept was designed first and foremost to be entirely autonomous, there aren’t any conventional buttons and knobs. Instead, the so-called “NOMI” artificial intelligence engine comes with a high-tech interface accessible by the driver and passengers via touch-operated glass displays to enable what is being described as a new kind of entertainment.

Technical specifications have not been provided, but we do know the Nio Eve is entirely electric. The concept provides a glimpse of an EV autonomous model destined to go on sale in United States in 2020.

Source: Nio


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