With the debut of the Ram 1500 Revolution electric concept truck at CES 2023, the realm of full-size electric pickups is quickly becoming competitive. To give us perspective (and to talk a bit more about the classic DeLorean he used to drive in the 1980s), we welcome EV expert Tom Moloughney back to the show.

While the Ram 1500 Revolution is strictly a concept vehicle, it proposes innovations in a platform that's decidedly different from the gas-powered Ram 1500 you can buy today. With Ford already scrambling to build as many Lightnings as possible, and with the Chevrolet Silverado / GMC Sierra EV twins being decidedly different from their internal-combustion counterparts, is Ram arriving late to the party?


More importantly, might that give Ram an advantage or a disadvantage in a very fast-paced world of EV development?

That's just a teaser of our epic conversation with Moloughney, who has over a decade of experience driving EVs and knows more about charging up than the Energizer bunny. In addition to being a senior editor at InsideEVs (where he recently and thoroughly debunked a very famous YouTuber's F-150 Lightning video), Moloughney posts regular content on his State of Charge YouTube channel. In short, if you're thinking about buying an electric vehicle, you need to hear what Moloughney has to say.

Gallery: Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept

Speaking of which, this special podcast also looks at winners for the 2023 North American Car, Truck, and Utility of the Year awards, two of which were EVs. There's more high-performance EV content with an official Chevrolet teaser for the forthcoming all-wheel-drive hybrid Corvette E-Ray. And to wrap everything up in grand fashion, Moloughney shares a story about road-tripping his personal F-150 Lightning in temperatures far below freezing. Spoiler alert – the truck really does work in cold weather.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the future of pickup trucks in an ever-increasing electric world. For that matter, would you rather have an electrified (and possibly more powerful) Corvette E-Ray, or the Z06? And how do you think Moloughney charged his Lightning after arriving at his in-laws with only five miles of range to go? Actually, for that one you can just listen to the podcast (if you haven't already) but for the rest ... comment on our Motor1 Podcasts YouTube channel, comment on this article below, or email us: podcast@motor1.com.

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More guests are in the works, and next week we'll also have quite a bit of news from the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon to discuss. Get ready for some JDM talk!

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