It's podcast time, and it's CES time! This week, we are focusing on the debuts from the tech-focused show that automakers are increasingly using to show off what they are planning for the future. 

We start the show with what is arguably the biggest vehicle debut from this year's CES: the Ram Revolution concept. The production version of the electric pickup is still a year away, but this show truck seems to give us an idea of what to expect from what's coming. While few technical details are available, we spend time talking about some of the interesting design aspects, like the third-row jump seats. 


The VW ID.7 is the spiritual successor to the Passat and Arteon in the United States. The vehicle has a tall, arching roof that suggests there should be plenty of room for all of the occupants, even the folks in the back. It also adds to the brand's presence in the American EV segment.

The BMW i Vision Dee is the brand's showcase for its Neue Klasse EV architecture. Judging from the comments on's story about the vehicle, the appearance is fairly polarizing. Some folks dig the minimalist styling, but other folks aren't into the look. Bruce and Smith end up somewhere in the middle.

We also dedicate some time to Ken Block's passing. Smith actually met him and shares a little bit about the Gymkhana legend.

The brand Aska comes to CES with its A5 flying car. It boasts wings and also six tilt-rotor propellers. Inside, there's room for four passengers. Bruce starts off against the general concept of this vehicle because he doesn't believe that flying cars can ever be a viable thing. However, Smith convinces him that this might be an intriguing solution for the group who can both fly and drive the vehicle.

Stellantis has the Chrysler Synthesis Demonstrator at CES. It shows off the brand's vision for the cockpit of future vehicles. It has big screens and lots of tech.

Rambling About Cars Preview:

Next week, we intend to have a guest for a discussion about where the Ram Revolution fits into the burgeoning field of electric crossover. We'll also talk about some of the stuff we missed from CES like the Honda-Sony partnership in Afeela.

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