It's podcast time, and we have guests this week. Myron Vernis and Mark Brinker are the authors of the amazing book A Quiet Greatness: Japan's Most Astonishing Automobiles for the Collector and Enthusiast. It consists of four volumes and an informational supplement totaling 1,395 pages and over 2,200 images about post-war Japanese sports cars. 

The book started as a plan and an Excel spreadsheet listing the cars to cover. The number of automotive topics just kept growing and so did the necessary number of pages to write about them all. The result was 35 pounds (15.88 kilograms) of knowledge about Japanese automobiles. 


Along the way, the authors bought several of the cars they were writing about. Vernis picked up an Autech Zagato Stelvio, and Brinker bought a similarly seldom-seen Toyota MR2 VM180 Zagato.

The book offers far more than just fantastic photography of a diverse array of machines. There are useful guides like lists of race results and a breakdown of the important all-wheel-drive Japanese cars with a separation of the systems by type.  

The guys were fantastic guests. If you want your own copy of the book, check out the website.

Rambling About Cars Preview:

Next week's episode is already recorded, so we can give a great hint at what it covers. We start with a bit of news about Toyota Prius pricing, the Ford GT Mk IV, and a partnership between McLaren and Lockheed Martin. Then, we catch up on e-mails from the audience. We end the show by imagining we could give each other a car as a gift for the holidays.

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