Matt Edmonds isn't your typical company executive, in much the same way Tire Rack isn't your typical tire company. He joins Bruce and Smith on this week's podcast to share over 30 years of stories at the Indiana-based company, and yes, that includes plenty of autocross talk.

Why wouldn't it? Tire Rack has been involved with the SCCA since 1995, and the company is so keen on autocrossing that it holds events nearly every weekend ... in its own parking lot. Actually, as Edmonds tells it, Tire Rack doesn't autocross in its own backyard, but in its front yard. Joining the company in 1988, he started in the warehouse for what was then a mail-order operation, progressing through the ranks to his current position of Executive Vice President where he specializes in marketing. And yes, he still autocrosses.


Edmonds shared some of his memorable track experiences, including vehicles such as a classic Honda CRX Si to a Viper GTS. He also offers some unique insight into Tire Rack's history, evolution into tire testing, and current trends in the auto market. Bruce and Smith can't resist quizzing him on the best tires for their own cars, and you know what? With over 30 years in the business and a fondness for tossing cars around tight autocross courses, he knows a thing or two about finding the best tires for the right conditions.

He's also extremely proud of Tire Rack's Street Survival program, aimed at teaching young drivers car control in unpredictable real-world situations. And the driving school works – he shares a heartwarming story about Indy 500 champion Scott Goodyear, whose children went through the program. It's perhaps the best moment of the entire podcast.

Gallery: Maserati MC20 Cielo

Oh yeah, there's also a new Maserati to talk about. Something called Cielo, which is apparently a convertible with 621 horsepower? Yes, the long-awaited roofless MC20 has arrived, and the trio spends a few minutes going over the details.

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Rambling About Cars Preview:

It's just Bruce and Smith for episode 74, with a possible surprise from Bruce and a definite surprise from Smith. It seems he finally bought a new car, or at least, new to him. It might be a project requiring a bit of work, as he hasn't seen it in person yet. In fact, it's not even in the same state. Did he break his own rules for buying cheap used cars? Stand by for a preview of his new adventure next week.

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