It's podcast time! This week Ammo NYC's Larry Kosilla is our guest. He is a master car detailer with years of experience. As you'd expect, he has lots of fascinating stories after so long in the industry.

We start by learning the genesis of Ammo NYC. It turns out that even as a child Kosilla liked cleaning things. As the years went on, he got a job at an automotive museum that would send vehicles out on things like photoshoots where Kosilla's job was to make the car look pristine and keep models in stiletto heals from damaging them. Eventually, that work resulted in his own detailing business. Later, he even began making his own automotive cleaning products.


Kosilla's Ammo NYC YouTube channel has over two million subscribers, and he had been uploading videos for about 9 years. He tells us about the change in his content over time. He started by doing largely instructional clips. Today, he has moved towards producing before-and-after videos – often of cleaning barn finds.


We discuss some of his interesting recent videos. For example, he cleaned an absolutely filthy Cessna twin-engine plane that eventually caused a few trips to the hospital because of the aircraft's disgusting interior.

We also talk to Kosilla about tips for cleaning your own car. His general advice is to leave things to a professional. He's not a fan of automatic car washes, even touchless ones. Also, unless you know what you're doing, it's possible to damage the vehicle's paint. However, if you are washing your own vehicle, he recommends a micro-fiber towel over a chamois.

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