This week, the discussion is all about muscle SUVs. Actually, it's about two new muscle SUVs, half of a third, the impending debut of an iconic hot hatch, and the impending return of a storied off-road brand. We also talk about buying cars, owning motorcycles, and just for fun, we revisit the 1970s. Groovy, right?

The rambling begins with a call-to-action for listeners. Would you like to watch and/or participate in a livestream with Bruce and Smith critiquing car movies? It's something under consideration, so if it sounds like fun (spoiler alert, we think it would be crazy fun) let us know.


From movie critiques to car critiques, the duo dives right in with a look at what rapper and car enthusiast has been up to. Working with West Coast Customs, he mashed up a Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door with a G63 to create the Will.i.AMG. It looks ... interesting. But we have to respect the effort that went into the build.


There's also mad respect for 682 horsepower in the 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V. The big SUV made its complete debut this week, following on the heels of the slightly smaller Range Rover Sport. It only offers 523 hp in top trim, but both SUVs are capable of reaching 60 mph in around 4.3 seconds. And both will set you back well over $100,000. Are they worth it? That's part of the discussion.

2023 Cadillac Escalade-V Front 3/4
2023 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Bruce and Smith take a short break from SUV talk to mention that, finally, there's a timeframe for the Honda Civic Type R's big debut. It will happen in June, sometime before the hot hatch's US debut at Mid-Ohio in July. Details are still a bit fuzzy, as it seems the Ohio appearance will feature a camouflaged test car. Mind you, this is after its main debut, so yeah, we have some questions. Fortunately, there's still plenty of time to get some answers.

Gallery: 2023 Honda Civic Type R

Speaking of answers, Volkswagen dropped an off-roading bombshell by announcing it was relaunching the Scout brand in America with a new pickup truck and SUV! The International Scout was a Jeep competitor for upwards of 20 years, offering a small SUV and pickup truck from the 1960s through 1980. The new models will be electric and are slated to enter production in 2026, but here's the thing. The Scout company hasn't been established yet. That happens later this year, but then the two vehicles need to be designed, engineered, tested, and built. Can all that happen in four years? Time will tell.

The intermission sees Bruce and Smith answer listener questions, including a deep dive into some car shopping tips. The episode wraps up with a Scout-themed 1970s time warp, looking at old brochures for the pickup as it was offered in 1976. If you like brown, orange, and sideburns, you'll love the conclusion to this fun podcast.

How do you feel about's taste in cars? Will buyers pay $150,000 for an Escalade or $141,000 for an optioned-up Range Rover Sport? Will Honda really debut the Type R but still keep it camouflaged in America? And how do you feel about VW rebooting a classic American car brand? You know what to do. Comment below, comment on our YouTube page, or email us:

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If you like cars, you likely spend quite a bit of time cleaning and detailing your ride. You probably haven't detailed rare exotics like next week's special guest has, and we aren't just talking about a quick coat of wax on a Maserati, either. Get ready for some wild barn find stories and adventures in detailing, coming May 20.

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